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Communication Corner April 29 2016

"Every child, every person needs to know they are a source of joy; every child every person needs to be celebrated." Jean Vanier

To our Jean Vanier Community

We know you are acutely aware that the crisis in Fort McMurray has reached epic proportions and requires us to respond in both prayers, support, and with open arms.

We have started to receive families in our communities and when they arrive, we will open up our doors of mercy and accept without question those in need of our care.

Within each of our communities, different ways of providing support will be available and each response will be different. As specific needs at Jean Vanier come to our awareness, we will respond as a community together.

To our Jean Vanier families that have friends, family, and/or evacuees staying with them, please know our doors are open to you and your children, and we are here to help in any way we can.

Continue to pray for rain to quench the fire and for solace for the families now orphaned from their community who many have lost much.

"When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required." Luke 12:49

Where is Jesus? In your actions today and moving forward to support our friends and families from Fort McMurray,

Parent Council Update

You are invited to the next parent school council meeting on May 11th at 6:30 pm. Gerald Gumtang from Staples will be presenting information to parents about Chromebooks. All are welcome to attend.

On May 16th, our PSC will be providing coffee and pastries for our parents for a morning of fellowship after the Monday morning assembly. Come out to see how our students begin their week, and stay after for some coffee and snacks.

To view the minutes from the PSC meeting on April 13th, please click on the link below:

Supply Lists

Individual Classroom Supply Lists for the 2016-2017 school year will be going home with report cards on the last day of school. Our PSC has partnered with Staples again and is working with our teachers to create supply lists that keep in mind quality learning environments, technology integrations, One to One technology, and the current economic conditions families are facing.

Orders will be placed with Staples online, and delivered to the school at the end of August. More information will be provided when available in June.

Grade 5 Transition Parent Evening

Parents of our Grade 4 students are invited to a Parent Evening at St. Theresa to help with the transition to middle school.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday June 8th, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm in the St. Theresa Theater. Please feel free to bring you child.

Grade 5 Supply Lists

The Grade 5 supply list from St. Theresa's has been sent home with students. To view the list, please click on the link below. Any questions can be direct to St. Theresa Catholic School at 780-464-4001.

Batteries, Batteries, and more Batteries!

Thank you for everyone’s support and showing how much you love God’s earth. Congratulations we have kept 540kg of batteries out of our landfills.

E-Waste Challenge for the Month of May

The E-Waste bin has arrived and the E-Waste Collection challenge is on for the month of May! Bring in any electronics with a cord or battery. Together we can make a difference!!

Items to bring in:

  • accept any device with a cord or battery (except large appliances like fridges, dishwashers, etc..)
  • Visual Display Devices
  • Computers (CPU) and Servers
  • Laptop, Notebook, & Tablet Computers
  • Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Faxes

Techonology Insight

Please visit the following website for some good tech tips for families:


EICS will be participating in a wellness movement called "Make Your Day Harder" in May. It is a challenge by choice Wellness Initiative.

The idea is that we make small changes to our day and within our existing routines that add some extra movement into our day.


  • parking further away in the stall reserved for people who want to live longer and experience a higher quality of life.
  • getting off the bus one stop earlier
  • walking to the furthest washroom in a building
  • taking the stairs
  • having a walking meeting
  • getting up to move at lunch

Please watch this clip by Doctor Evans to get inspired!

If you are making your day harder, please snap a picture and post on social media with hashtag #MakeYourDayHarder so that we can share our small successes and keep each other motivated!

Transportation News

Another year is approaching completion and our department is planning the 2016-2017 year. Please take the time to read through the bullets below. If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Office by calling 780-449-6480, via fax: 780-449-6481 or email

Thank you!

  • If your child’s transportation address(es) will be changing, the Transportation Request form must be completed indicating the alternate address information. The form is located on line at under “Transportation”.

  • If your child did not access the yellow bus this year and will require busing for 2016-2017, please complete the Transportation Request form located on line at under “Transportation”.

  • If your child accessed the yellow bus this year, busing will be automatically assigned and the 2016-2017 invoice, where fees are applicable, will be mailed to you in May.

  • If your child accessed the yellow bus this year and will not require the service for 2016-2017, please advise the office immediately. This will allow for the planning of more efficient services.

  • If you are contacted by a driver in August and your child will not be accessing the yellow bus, please let us know so that we may remove his/her name from the list and cancel the invoice if one has been issued.

  • The deadline for payment to ensure your child receives bus service forAugust 30th is July 31st.

  • Students who reside within the Hamlet of Sherwood Park who are entering Grade 9 this fall will be using Strathcona County Transit for school transportation. Route information is available on the County website at or by calling 780-464-7433. Passes will only be provided to eligible students and are distributed by the school. Payride students can purchase their own transit pass from Strathcona Transit. All students who ride Strathcona Transit must display their Transit pass whenever they are boarding the bus (except for the first 3 days of school in September). There will be no exceptions.

  • We are looking for Spare Drivers for the 2016-2017 school year. If you or someone you know might be interested, please submit your resume to Class 2 Training will be provided and costs reimbursed.

Data Verification Forms

In order to ensure we have the most current and up to date information for your child, we are asking parents to login to their Powerschool Parent Account to review the 2016-2017 Data Verification Forms.

Once logged into your account, click on "Forms and Fees", "Student Forms" and from the drop down box you can select your children. Click on "2016-2017 EICS Student Data Verification" to review the forms.

If you have forgotten you Powerschool Parent Account login information, please contact the school office, and we can help you with your login information.

Upcoming Events at JV

May 10th: Living Rosary 2:00 pm - all are welcome

May 11th: Grade 1 and 2 classes walk to mass at OLPH

May 11th: Hot Lunch: Culinary Delights

May 11th: PSC Meeting 6:30 pm

May 13th: PD Day - No School for Students

May 16th: PSC Fellowship - Coffee and Muffin morning 9:00 am

May 17th: Kubassa Order Pickup 2:30 - 7:00 pm

May 18th: Grade 2 Clay for Kids

May 18th: Grade 4 classes to Mayor's Walk

May 20th: No School

May 23rd: No School

May 25th: Hot Lunch: Booster Juice

May 25th: ECS to Devonian Gardens

May 25th: Green Grapes Taste Test

May 26th: Grade 4 to Fort Edmonton

June 8th: Hot Lunch - Panago

June 8th: ECS to Ukrainian Village

Jean Vanier Catholic School

To contact any of our staff members via email, on our website under the "Contact" tab, is a conatct form that you can fill out. Select the staff member from the dropdown box you wish to contact, fill in your name, your email address, your message and hit send. Staff will receive emails and respond within 24-48 hours. Thank-you.
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