Math Vertical Team

January 13, 2014

Task #1

“Discuss the level of preparedness students have when arriving in the grade level. List areas in each grade level that could be addressed in order for students to arrive in each grade level more prepared.”

Vertical alignment:

Review the following document and identify 3-5 areas you think we at Townley need to focus on:

a. Counting and Recognizing Whole Numbers and Comparing and Ordering Numbers

c. Representing and Relating Numbers Using Number Lines

d. Composing and Decomposing Numbers: Place Value

e. Representing Fraction Concepts

f. Determining Equivalence and Comparing Part-to-Whole Relationships

g. Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Rational Numbers

h. Applying Strategies for Estimation

i. Representing and Determining Values of Coins and Bills

j. Multiplying Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, and Rational Numbers

k. Dividing Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, and Rational Numbers

l. Connecting Counting and Reciting, Connecting Counting and Divisibility, Connecting Counting and Place Value

m. Representing Problem Situations with an Equals Sign, Representing and Solving Problems with Equations and Inequalities

n. Applying Multiple Representations for Foundations of Functions

Task #2

Plan Math Night

Thursday, February 11 from 5-7 p.m.