ESAIL Update: January

Language Workshop and Math Practices

Huge Growth in Guided Reading and Conferring

We were able to walk through 11 classrooms this month. In every classroom where Readers' Workshop was being taught at the moment, we were able to observe guided reading and/or one-on-one conferring happening every time-- AWESOME! That personalized, small-group instruction is exactly what our scholars need to close gaps in their learning.

Upcoming opportunities to plan Language Workshop and AVMR

  • AVMR Planning Night-- Right here at Blair! February 22, 4:15-6 pm. Don't miss it! Rose will be here to help you plan and create AVMR games.
  • Language Workshop Planning Night-- Les Paul Middle School. February 8, 4:15-6 pm. These are great nights to plan and collaborate with colleagues.

Data Highlights:

How can we strengthen our Language Workshop practice as a team?

  • We are nailing: making time for guided groups, giving scholars prompts to respond to after a week of Language Workshop instruction, modeling reading strategies and skills.
  • Let's work on: Co-constructing anchor charts with our scholars while we analyze text, encouraging them to look back on anchor charts as a resource by having them glue them in their thoughtful logs, using the "strategies" section to have scholars practice the kind of analysis they practiced with you during your Language Workshop mini-lesson.

In the World of Math,

  • We are nailing: Using TenMarks and Fosnot as resources to build conceptual understanding.
  • We need to work on: increasing student engagement during whole-group mini-lessons by giving opportunities for students to share their understanding, giving more opportunities for collaborative problem solving during math workshop.