LMS News Bulletin


"But as coaches, we need to get a little more fire and passion and be more demanding that our guys get the job done. I think players will respond to that, and we'll see." - Steve Spurrier

I like this quote because it can apply to anything involving students. We will get out of them what we expect so let's make sure our expectations are high!


- I was blown away this week with the Veterans Day program and the way our students handled themselves. This is a reflection of you and your hard work!

- Procedural note: please don't leave your class unattended. Make sure an adult is monitoring because all it takes is one bad decision by one student to have people question our decision making.

- Reminder: If you have been assigned duty, please be there. If you are going to be out, it is your responsibility to find coverage be it a sub or another teacher.

Weekly Calendar:

Mon - 11/16

Lesson Plans - 8:00 AM

Dept head 3:40

BB vs Hearne 5:00

WB @ Hearne 5:00

Tues - 11/17

Lots of Learning

Wed - 11/11

Lots of learning

Thurs - 11/12

Mr. Paul out

Fri - 11/13

Faculty vs Student VB game - 8th Period

November Birthdays:

Sherri Iselt - Nov 7

Jackie Dodd - Nov 9

Connie Moss - Nov 24

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