Jim Thorpe

By Autumn Smith

Jim Thorpe was an athlete for the ages. He excelled in football, track and field, baseball, and played basketball.

Becoming an Athlete

Thorpe loved to play outside as a kid. This helped him to stay active. He also was able to run fast. This helped Jim to win competitions. Jim's football coach also played a large part in his life. His coach always taught him to do his best. This helped Jim to always do his best in any activity.

Special People and Places

Know the Facts

Life Lessons

After reading the book "Jim Thorpe: An Athlete for the Ages
By Ellen Labrecque", you may have learned a lesson. One of the lessons might be, "If you like something, you should continue to do it even if others don't think you can."
Jim Thorpe: An Athlete for the Ages

By Ellen Labrecque