Jeff Probst

By: Marvion Jackson


Jeff Probst is an Emmy Award-winning TV show host of the reality television show, Survivor. He then additionally hosted his own show called, "The Jeff Probst Show." Before he became famous he worked at Boeing Motion Picture and Television as a producer and narrator. 1996 to 2001 he was married to Shelly Wright. He later then remarried with Lisa Ann Russell.
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It was just supposed to be a family vacation and a chance to get to know each other. All of a sudden a massive storm hits without warning. Now four kids are shipwrecked alone a rocky jungle island. They are in the middle of the South Pacific with no adults, no instructions, and nobody to rely on nut themselves. Can they make it out alive.
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Stranded 3: Survivors

It's been days since Buzz, Vanessa, Carter, and Jane were stranded on an Island in the middle of the South Pacific. They've managed to make a fire. They even found food. But they've just lost their only shelter, and possibly lost their only chance to get rescued. Now they'll have to venture deeper into the jungle of "Nowhere Island" just to stay alive. But the island holds secrets of a dark past. With danger lurking they now have to rely on themselves like never before. Will they ever get rescued?