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Course Preparation

Prior to developing any part of the supplemental syllabus and tracking calendar, there are important steps to take. In my "quick", yet thorough review of both supplemental syllabus and tracking calendar, I have identified a disconnect. Therefore, our breakout session discussions will focus on bringing everyone to the next level of course preparation and management, with the expectation of better comprehension and results.

Taqueena A. Hall, MHSA

Course Preparation Discussion - Part 1 of 2

As we begin our January 2016 session, Let's revisit the important components to properly prepare each course assigned or offered, please provide a detailed response to each question.

  • What information must an Instructor review prior to creating Introductory documents? Explain.
  • Where are the current text materials located? What information is required on both Introductory documents?
  • Discuss how to locate the Grade Allocation. Explain the importance it has to you as the instructor and to student success?
  • Share your program in which you teach. Where can the program outcomes be found?
  • Discuss the reasons why course outcomes, program outcomes and Institutional outcomes are important to understand, as an instructor at BSC.

Course Management Discussion - Part 2 of 2

Share how you manage your classroom to ensure dialog and student interactions are consistent with defined learning outcomes? Is this demonstrated throughout your course?

Recognize -> Apply -> Produce

Frequently missed ...

"Course title"
"VOH on Supplemental syllabus do not reflect VOH in meet your instructor"

"Grade Allocation"
"How course outcomes are met"
"The combining of Program outcomes with Institutional outcomes"
"Additional Resources"