Fitness Components

Cardiovascular Endurance

The picture to the right shows a man at a start line on a track. When running in track your body will need a lot of cardiovascular endurance. Endurance is the ability to work your body out for an extended amount of time.


The picture below shows a women preforming yoga.Flexibility is the ability to bend and flex. When doing yoga your body will have to flex and bend. For example the women has to bend her leg all the way back along with curving her back. The woman below has great flexibility.
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Body Composition

Body compassion is the percentage of body fat on someones body. In the Picture you can see a person measuring their body's fat with a tool that grabs on to the extra fat on the body.

Muscular Strength

In the picture below the man is lifting his self with rings. This shows that the man has great upper body muscular strength.
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Muscular Endurance

In the picture below a man is doing push ups. Because this man is able to do a series of push ups this man has great muscular endurance or is able to preform this action for an extended amount of time.
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In the picture soccer players use a ladder to practice agility on the field. By moving in and out of the ladder quickly they are able to have a better agility skill than others.
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The picture of the tight rope walker is a great way to show balance. When walking on a tight rope the person must distribute his body weight in order to stay balanced.
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In the sport of tennis a person must use his/her hand eye coordination this is the ability to accurately perform an action like hitting a ball with a racquet.
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Reaction time

In the sport of soccer a goalie must have great reaction time to be able to block a ball from going into the net. When someone shoots the ball at the goal a goalie must react in time in order to block.
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In the sport swimming shown in the picture below the person must use speed to beat the other swimmers. By forcing his body forward the swimmer can preform quickly.
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