Civil War

What Led Up To The Results of the war.

By Colby Parks, P.6

Civil War;

Many battles took place in the war. It did not all just happen at one time. Many other states and countries were also involved in this war. People were very opinionated. Some life/history changing events took place in this time as well!

President Lincoln;

The president played a major role in this war. From the first battle to the last. After Lincoln was elected, most Southern states seceeded from the Union. This was so, because they were afraid that Lincoln would abolish slavery throughout the country. The Southern states relied on slaves to do their work and the owners could make money off of them. The president wanted the Confederate states to return to the Union but they refused to do so. Lincoln wanted this to prevent from getting into another war. Lincoln was the feud to the Confederates fire.

Fort Sumter;

Spark of the War-

Fort Sumter is located in Charleston, South Carolina. The Fort was very important to the War. It was the "spark" of it all. The first shots of the entire war were fired here. President Lincoln had to make a big decision. He could not simply give up the Fort to the Confederates but he did not want to be the one to start a war! War broke out once the Confederates had found out that Lincoln had planned to reinforce the Fort.

First Battle Of Bull Run;

After the Civil War's first battle, everyone expected the war to end shortly. President Lincoln had called for 75,000 volunteers to defeat the Confederates. So, the South recruited soldiers for themselves. It was expected that the Union Army brutally defeat the Confederates. Both sides were unprepared. The Union fired first. Here is where the name "Stonewall" Jackson came about. The battle was a Confederate victory, but it proved to both sides that this would be no easy fight.

Union & Confederate Generals;

Both sides had many generals throughout the war. In the beginning, neither side was prepared for what they had coming their way. The generals had much to do with that. There were many reasons to bring new generals into position. Such as, sudden death, not bringing what their army needed to the table, etc.. The Confederates had 20 generals throughout the war. The Union had 23.

Total Battles;

There was a total of 10 battles in the Civil War. There were 5 Union & 5 Confederate victories. The battles took place from July 21st, 1861 to 1865. Here is a list of the battles:

1. 1st Battle of Bull Run, VA. (Southern Victory)

2. 2nd Battle of Bull run, VA. (Southern Victory)

3. Battle of Antietam, MD. (Northern Victory)

4. Battle of Fredricksburg, VA. (Southetrn Victory)

5. Battle of Chancelorville, VA. (Southern Victory)

6. Battle at Gettysburg, PA. (Northern Victory)

7. Battle of Vicksburg, MS. (Northern Victory)

8. Battle of Chattenooga, TN. (Northern Victory)

9. Battle of Cold Harbor, VA. (Southern Victory)

10. Battle of Pettersburg, VA. (Northern Victory)

Slavery & the War-

Much slavery took place during the Civil War. When Lincoln was elected, he wanted to abolish (end) slavery. Most of the slavery took place in the South. This is why the south had succeeded from the United States in the first place. They were not going to let anyone take away their slaves. They were their money makers!