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We are the Wylie Way! 2/1/16

20 Tips for a Positive New Year by Jon Gordon

3. Make your first meal the biggest and your last meal the smallest. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.

Wednesday - Grit Follow up Day

Planning your Future Day Reminders . . .

Thank you for helping to make our Wylie Way Day so FANTASTIC! We will be having our follow up day on Wednesday. It is easy as pie!

Basically, follow last year's lesson plans on Forethought.

They are under the Social Studies lessons "Wylie Way Core Values."

Pick either lesson on Grit and Preparation.

This can happen during your Social Studies time or a time that works best for you during the day.

You might want to revisit some of the things you discussed on our "Mapping Your Future" day.

Don't Stress about this day....EASY AS PIE!


We all love our Mrs. Deidra Winn and appreciate her amazing support for our students, parents, and us. We would like to show her how much we LOVE her throughout her special week. Please take a minute with your class to either make ONE class card or individual students cards. You can use the sentence starters of thank you for. . . OR We appreciate you for . . . . OR We love you because. . . OR any additional thoughts you may have to shower her with our appreciation.

Please send all cards to either Jamie or myself by Thursday afternoon. We would like to surprise her on Friday :)!

PLCs this week. . .

It is the final week for MOY testing season . . . . can I get a WOOHOO!!!!!! For K-2 PLC meetings this week, we will begin looking at MOY data and student progress. I know there will be a few incomplete, but we should be okay to begin the discussions. Please have your data ready for your students that are struggling. We look forward to celebrating MANY, MANY successes and planning for individual needs. 3rd and 4th grade teams will be working with Cindy for math planning.

Upcoming Assessments


G1 U8 DPA 2/5

G2 U4 DPA 2/5


G4 U5 2/1-2/3


The 4th grade Writing Checkpoint went well! Math and Reading checkpoints are on Feb. 8th and 9th.

3rd and 4th grade teachers: The checkpoints have been delivered to our campus. We ask that you treat checkpoint days like STAAR. Plan to follow all IEP/504 accommodations. You will need to print your own answer documents from AWARE. Please have your students prepare their own ATAPM bags in class on Friday. I will need ATAPM bags and answer documents for all small group testers in the conference room by Friday at 3:00, please:)

K-2 teachers and support staff: Please plan to be flexible on these days. I will have a complete list of small group test administrators by midweek and a schedule for these days to you by the end of the week.

Thoughts From a Bulldog

We love the fantastic blog posts you have done this year! If you haven't kept up with it, check it out as there are FABULOUS ideas found throughout! Below you will find a link to the blogging calendar, just in case you have forgotten your date. Keep up the great work!!!

Blogging Calendar

Thoughts From a Bulldog Blog

Whitt's Blog (full of great reflections)

On the Calendar

2/1- Staff meeting

2/3 - Grit follow up (see details above)

2/3 - 3rd and 4th grade PLCs

2/4 - K-2 PLCs for student RTI

2/5 - Bulldog Boogie

2/5 - Book Fair Opens

2/8 - Math Checkpoint

2/9 - Reading Checkpoint

2/9 - Late Night for Book Fair

2/10 - Six Flags forms are due

2/11 - Breakfast with dads

2/11 - Celebrate our 21 day Snack Challenge Participation - Wear PJs

2/11 - Late Night for Book Fair

2/11 - 2nd grade Music Concert

2/12 - Bulldog Boogie

2/12 - Valentine Parties - 1:45