Mobile Learning Initiative

Bringing "1:1" to the curriculum

What is "1:1" ?

One-to-one learning is an education program meant to enrich your child's learning through the use of a personal computer or a tablet. Today we see more and more electronics and we, as educators, are learning to evolve and adapt with the digital for the betterment of our students. With these educational technologies we will be able to better nurture each individual learning experience.
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Benefits of 1:1

For the students: The focus of one-to-one learning is to help develop individual learning experience, which can increase student independence. This in turn will drive self-motivation, self-direction, & self-engagement upwards and increase self-initiated learning! Their daily interactions with technology and education games will have a number of positive effects on them, both cognitively and physically. Students will have more pride in the work they do and the knowledge they acquire. The flexibility that the technology provides allows us, as educators, to meet the learning needs of all our students.*

To better understand the benefits of 1:1 learning, please use the link provided:

For the school: When our students benefit, we as a school benefit as a whole too. Schools that have successfully implemented a one-to-one learning program have seen the overall financial efficiency. Such programs create savings, including reduced costs for textbooks, paper, assessments, and paperwork.

How are we going to implement 1:1?

iPADS: iPads to date seem to still be the leaders in the choices of tablets schools are investing in for their students. iPads tend to be a perfect tablet that is simple to use. The iPad as a whole has fewer bugs and is known to run smoother, thus making it generally a better user experience. It is also protected from taking on any viruses.

Use: With apps such as, Nearpod (Interactive, multimedia slideshows engage students and provide feedback), teaching our students will be just as fun for us as it will be for them. Apps like these will allow them to learn their core subjects, but on a level you can't imagine! Being able to apply real-life problems in science and math will be easier to apply while encouraging students to challenge themselves. Reading skills have been shown to improve as well as creative writing. Here is a list of apps you may wanna take a look at:
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Projects Encourage Students to Excel


*Technology allows use to be more flexible in our teaching style since we're focused on the individual learning development. If your child has trouble focusing, learning, or has a disability then 1:1 can accommodate accordingly, for that is the reason programs like these are being implemented.