Party Rockers

Zachery Tudor

I'm a saxophone player in the Anna Middle School 6th grade band. After an hour of setting up everyone pilled into the seats and we put our instruments together. We began to practice until we got it perfect, if it was not the teachers made us redo it over and over. Almost 45 minutes later we nailed the songs three times in a row, which was our goal. The teachers allowed us to put up our instruments and get ready for the party to come.

We all got in line to get food and drinks to eat. Once we got the food we settled down at the tables, messed around with my friends, and ate food. While we were finishing we did an ugly sweater contest. There were four contestants, they all presented their sweaters, we judged with a clap rating. The winner was decided, it was Ellie Wolfe.

Now the party was starting to end, we began to go outside and go home. My mom pulled up in her car and took me home. "That was an amazing day," I told her, "I will never forget it."