Jack Anderson Elementary

September 30-October 4, 2019

Dr. Jennifer Brown Rose & Learning Garden Dedication

It was a scorcher, but the day was beautiful. JAE Families, community members, and central office staff celebrated the beautiful life that inspired the spectacular addition to our campus.
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Jack Anderson Elementary Cross Country

Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams placed 1st today for the 3rd week in a row! Coach Hellman will announce the students who placed in the top ten on the announcements. Congratulations to all of our students who continue to persevere and surpass personal records.

Exciting Times Ahead

10-1 Lockdown Drill 9:30

10-3 2nd Grade Performance

10-4 Smart Card Dance Party during Related Arts

10-7 through 10-11 Fall Break

10-14 Boosterthon Kickoff

10-15 4th Grade Field Trip

10-16 PTO Meeting 9:30

10-17 1st Grade Field Trip

10-18 2nd Grade Field Trip; Kindergarten 50th Day Celebration

10-22 5th Grade Field Trip

10-23 Picture Retakes

10-25 Boosterthon Fun Run/Jagathon

10-28 Fun Run/Jagathon Rain Date

10-29 Half of 3rd Grade Field Trip

10-30 Half of 3rd Grade Field Trip

10-30 K Field Trip

10-31 Harvest Parties

11-1 No School

Early Dismissal

There have been several parents who have come in after 3:15 to pick up children this year. We do not sign students out past 3:15. Whether it is 3:16 or 3:20, please do not be upset when we explain our policy to you.

If you need to sign your child out, please try to be in the office as close to 3:00 as possible. You may have to park on the side of the building closest to Gallatin Road. You may even have to park in the grass. You will notice that both lanes of the car rider line will be full, and you will get stuck if you try to drive around to the front parking lot. You are encouraged to allow plenty of time to make it to the front office to sign your child out before 3:15.

Lock Down Drill Tuesday

Tuesday morning we will practice one of our safety protocols. Deputy Scott will be assisted by local law enforcement to ensure that our building is secure and that our plan will keep staff and students safe in the event of an emergency situation. Teachers will prepare students for the drill ahead of time. Please let me know if you have any questions.


October Staff Birthdays

Happy Birthday to these wonderful staff members during the month of October:

10-1: Megan Marisigan

10-5: Stacy Dyer

10-5: Ashley Bell

10-6: Ruth Carufe

10-7: Linda Martin

10-7: Kim Roy

10-9: Annie Cronin

10-9: Sharon Martin

10-11: Crystal Armstrong

10-17: Rachelle Phelps

10-18: Ashley Warnement

10-23: Melissa Hunt

10-27: Horace Williams


Please Include Information on Bus Notes

When you send a note to the office for your child to ride the bus, please make sure that it includes the student's first and last name, the teacher's name, and the address where the child will be getting off the bus.

Field Trip Chaperones

If you are assisting with a field trip, please sign in with Lobby Guard prior to the day of the trip to pick up a badge.

1 Lunch Visit Per Week, Goodbyes at the Cafe Door

You may join your child for lunch this week. Please remember, we ask that your child has only one lunch visit per week. Also, due to space constraints, please limit the visit to only two adults.

You will need to sign in with our Lobby Guard in the front office upon arriving. It is helpful to have your license ready. Federal Nutrition Guidelines prohibit bringing outside restaurant or fast food items to share with your child during lunch.

When your child gets to the cafeteria, you may accompany him/her through the cafe line (if needed,) and sit at one of the tables in the cafeteria lobby. There is not enough room in the cafeteria to accommodate all of our students and guests.

After lunch, please say your goodbyes at the cafeteria door. We ask that visitors do not accompany students back to the classroom.

Fridays are SUPER busy days for lunch visitors, so if possible, you may want to try another day. I visited with my child on Wednesday, and there was PLENTY of space. :)


Parents, thank you for all that you do to help us at JAE! When you sign in with Lobby Guard, you will be asked the purpose of your visit. If you are helping in a classroom or making copies, just make a note of it in Lobby Guard.