Game On: Zitzman 411

Week of February 18th

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: Professional Learning Action Team 3:45pm

Tuesday: Reading Interventions with Tina & Barb 4:00pm

Wednesday: Cook's Appreciation Day! Leadership Environment Action Team. @ 8:50am. Elementary Admin. Meeting @ 10:00am. Leadership Events Action Team 3:40pm. MVR3 Board Meeting @ 6:00pm.

Thursday: Armstrong & Sladek OUT - Mrs. Gaehle will be in charge! PLC Meetings.

Friday: STEM Night Meeting @ 7:45am. K-5 Evaluate Make Up Day. ZE PERFECT ATTENDANCE CELEBRATION 2:20-2:50pm.

PBL Ideas:

So, in this exercise your class has been chosen to give a presentation about President's Day at an upcoming school assembly. The students must decide what they should say about President's Day, and the best way to get across that message to fellow students (it could be a skit, mock interview, pretend game show, or even a musical number...). Here's a link to this exercise:

Of course, I don't want to disparage Groundhog Day or Valentines Day just because they don't make the "federal holiday" list. There are only 10 federal holidays, and none of them take place in March or April. New holidays are always being proposed, some of them very legitimate ("Native American Day", "Susan B. Anthony Day"), and some are a bit out there (most students know about "Pi Day" on March 14th). In this next exercise, students are asked to think of a an idea, event, person or group, or any other theme that might be worthy of having a day in its honor. Students will need to decide on the central theme of their new holiday, how it should be celebrated, and the best way to spread the word and garner support for the day. Here's that link:

Home & School News


The Power of the Purse events are hosted in six communities in Franklin County to build awareness and interest in United Way. Upscale and designer handbags are featured in both a silent and live auction. The purses are modeled by men from the various communities, which makes it an even more fun evening for the women. Appetizers, drinks and desserts are served. The Power of the Purse events offer great opportunities for women to lend their support to United Way, help those in need, and have a great night out at the same time!

Zitzman has a table if you are interested in supporting this event. See Sarah Grodie to get your tickets.

Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 5:30 pm

Pacific Eagles Hall

707 W. Congress
Pacific MO 63069

Administrator Survey

A confidential survey is being sent to staff email accounts or you can log into the attached link. The purpose of the survey is to help your administrative grow professionally and support the growth of Zitzman. The survey window is Feb. 18-21. Your participation is appreciated.

LIM Weekly

Goal Planner Form:

Use the Goal Planner to clarify a goal and what needs to be done to achieve that goal. Students should first write a clear and specific goal at the top of the form. Underneath the goal students list the specific actions they need to take in order to achieve that goal. This tool can be used together with the Prioritizer and the Gantt Chart when planning projects.

Counselor's Corner

3rd week - K, 1, & 4

Academics and study skills

2/22 - Puberty films for 4th & 5th

PLC Agenda - Thursday 2/21

  • Follow Agenda
  • Add January GRADE Level Evaluate scores for ELA & Math
  • Pop into the Tier-Class Details by Student Chart and review individual student growth then identify and record RTI students and schedule.
Intervention teachers please collect all individual student intervention sheets, complete as needed and turn in to grade level teacher for their review. Place in the folder RTI folder for your grade level in the Lighthouse Lounge.

*Start a new intervention calendar for each new RTI student.

PLC question from last week regarding student Chromebooks. The Technology Department reported the following:

  1. Students should not be able to clear their history. This is currently turned off for all students district-wide to guarantee teachers can always see what sites students have viewed. Are you seeing some students that are currently able to clear history? Let us know!
  2. It is possible to push backgrounds out to Chromebooks, and we've been working on a project that will allow that happen at the elementary level. However, we'll need to finalize some things on the back end before it can be done. This may be something that is not set until over the summer, though.
Big picture

Self Efficacy! #BOOM #MicDrop

Ya'll this is so powerful. I was able to relate to it in so many ways; as a mom and educator!

You know when you come to me and tell me you have a student who rushed through their Evaluate or a student who just doesn't care about their effort or a student who is unmotivated in general --- here we are... Let's be contagious and find wins and build student efficacy! #Winning #GameOn

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Of course, we want to do all that we can for our kids to help them succeed--keep an eye on them (even using technology if it helps), keep them from being perfectionists, monitor their unproductive habits.

But what's the best way to help them help themselves when it comes to doing well in school?

Many would jump to the conclusion that academic excellence is bolstered by self-esteem, which can certainly help. But there's a dark side to focusing solely on helping your child boost his or her self-esteem.

Read the full article here: