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Race to 20

Let's Spread the Word!

It's a Race to 20 ladies.

You see it is very simple!
You just point blank ask for their email address and enroll them as a FREE customer.
You can do the password as THRIVE or whatever bc they can change it under settings. This will build your pipeline for future business! Anyone who gets 20 accounts today will get 1 month supply of DFT patches or 2 boxes of the lifestyle mix.

Get it! Get it! GET IT!!!!!!!!!

Best way to do this is either via text or through FB chat.

You don't always have to offer a FREE 3 day sample. Here is an example of an approach:

You: Hi Sally! I'm so excited about this new product and business that I'm doing. Have you heard of Thrive?

Sally: What is Thrive?

You: People have a hard time sleeping, body discomforts or need more energy love this product! I'd love to add you to my database so that you can take a look around and learn more on your own. The most exciting part, is that this company will be featured on the cover of Success Magazine and you'll find it on stands in November.

Then you be the one to set them up as a FREE account. Use their first part of their email as their user name and create thrive as their password.

Message them back saying thank you! You'll be receiving an email from Le-vel with a link and user name, your password is: thrive.


California is so UNTAPPED! All we need to do is share. People are watching you on FB. If they are not ready now, you might just hear from them later. Timing is everything. The launch of Success magazine will be huge! The worst feeling is knowing that the girlfriend from back home signed up with someone else because you just didn't have enough courage to tell him or her about it...and I"m speaking from personal experience. So get your families into the system first, friends and then try to get those strangers that are three feet away.

Habits that you should have daily - 3 to 5 new contacts daily

  • When sharing about Le-vel, always invite them to the FB fan page. There are so many testimonies that they can read about and that's your third party validation.
  • Share the 24 hour call - 7 mins long about the new updates and about the easy steps of taking the product.
  • Set them up as a customer for FREE. Don't wait for them to do it.