Andrew Jackson

Maeli ly

Indian Removal Act

During the indian removal act andrew jackson wanted to trade the cherokee tribes land for less desirable land went of the mississippi. Jackson wanted the land to grow cotton and the discovery of gold.

Spoils system

The spoil system is we're after winning an election the winner gives government jobs to its supporters . But soon it would become bad things for the government.

Andrew Jackson

This picture explains Jackson because he always waits for the person to shot then he does because he know he is going to miss the shot if he does not


I don't like Andrew Jackson because he wanted to kick us out of our land when the Supreme Court said no he still went ahead kick us off and the gives less desirable land in trade that went of the Mississippi .

Plantation owner

I really like Andrew Jackson he got us people more land to grow crops the only down side is the tariffs but he gave us more room/land to plant grow and fertilize more crops