Sherwood Park Newsletter


Weekly Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know we are expecting extreme weather on Monday and Tuesday. Many of our children are at greater risk of heat illness due to their different conditions. Some of the factors / conditions are:

Age – young children cannot regulate their body temperature as well as older children.

Respiratory conditions.

Children who do not drink very much (for a number of different reasons) and who would not be able to drink adequately to avoid dehydrating.

Children who may be collected very early on transport (sitting on a bus for a long time).

Children with epilepsy

Children who just may not be able to regulate / cope emotionally with the heat

The school will be fully staffed and open on Monday and we will do everything in our power to ensure children are hydrated and cool however, if you are concerned for your child on Monday or Tuesday due to the heat, then I would adivse you not to send them in and the school will authorise absence for them. If you do decide to do this, then do please inform SEN transport and phone the school to let us know.

As I am writing this, the MET office have issued a red weather warning and some schools are closing at lunchtime on Monday. We will not be closing early on Monday, but we will be risk assessing how children are managing. We will inform you as early as possible on Monday should we be considering any part or full closure for Tuesday.

Additional action we are taking is adjusting activities to reflect the need to stay indoors and keep cool, increasing the number of air cooling units, having gazebos up in the playground and buying lots of bottled water. Staff will be briefed in what to look for in terms of heat illness and nurses will be available for advice (both campuses).

For children coming in, please do send them in in line with the government recommendations, with;

· children should wear loose, light-coloured clothing (no need for uniform – this is optional) to help keep cool and sunhats with wide brims to avoid sunburn

· use sunscreen (at least factor 15 with UVA protection) to protect skin if children are playing or taking lessons outdoors for more than 20 minutes

Finally, please also make sure that you are available to collect your children, should they become unwell.

Thank you all for your support and I hope you are keep well and safe


Next week will be our last newsletter of this academic year! We will be adding lots of photo's to celebrate all of the student's hard work and achievements!

Safeguarding Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

We take the safeguarding of your children extremely seriously at our school – nothing is more important to us. If you have any worries or concerns about a child’s welfare, then please never hesitate to contact us. Anna Richardson is our Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school, but you can contact any of the senior leadership team as we are all designated safeguarding trained.

If you hear information of a sensitive nature at the school gate or anywhere, regarding any of our pupils that should have been kept confidential particularly, if a child is named in relation to a possible safeguarding incident then please inform the school – it is everyone’s duty to keep all our pupils safe. All our pupils and families have the right to their dignity and privacy.


David Murden


Class Celebrations

Hill Campus

This week Teal class enjoyed water play and interacting with each other. Students had lots of fun splashing adults :)

We were trying to keep cool and have lots of fun!

Our star of the week is Luke for verbally rejecting cream during massage. When asked if Luke wants cream he said very clear 'NO'. Amazing progress Luke!

Well done to all of our students for copying in this lovely weather!

​Olive class have had a fun week with lots of water play activities to help us keep cool! We have enjoyed playing in a paddling pool, taking turns and sharing equipment. We have also completed lots of sensory activities including painting, dry food exploration, bubble snakes and playdough. We are looking forward to our Arts Festival day next week. All students and staff have been stars this week, working hard on regulation and coping with the heat!

This week in Lime class we have been enjoying the sunny weather and have had a focus on water play over the week. Pupils have enjoying exploring different play items in water trays including small world play such as boats and people as well as numeracy play with 5 little ducks and they have had lots of fun splashing around in the water! Our celebration star this week goes to Rachel for making great progress with her independence skills during self-care tasks.

Have a lovely and sunny weekend everyone!

It’s been a hot week and the boys on Thistle Class have been feeling the heat! We have managed to get some ice creams to help us cool down and some of the boys went on a secret mission to Sutton yesterday. It was very busy but they coped amazingly well. Charlie had his last transition at college and he is really looking forward to going in September. We had fun mixing with the other classes in the purple corridor too. 1 more week to go!

Violet class this week have had lots of fun engaging in a range of activities with their corridor peers that include pizza making, pamper parties, attention autism and water play.

Violet class star of the week is all of the students, they have all coped incredibly well in this heat, well done everyone!

Indigo class have had a great week and enjoyed lots of water play and cooling activities in the school due to the hot weather! We have been having a great time doing our daily scrapbooks reflecting on our year!

Lavender class had a packed programme this week. We celebrate Ben’s ability to stay regulated through all the changes and transitions, and the enthusiasm he displayed when engaging with all activities on offer.

This week lilac class have been enjoying different and fun activities with the rest of purple corridor! We have enjoyed pizza making, pamper sessions, arts and crafts and ended our week with pancake making. A great week had by all!

Another week in Mint enjoying the sunny and bright days. Lots of water and motor play activities outdoors. Students have continued to access the community parks this week. We have also started working on transitions to meet new teachers and peers.

This week our start of the week goes to Dylan for a fantastic sharing social interaction with familiar staff. Well done Dylan!!

Park Campus

Orchid class star of the week is Sebastian for independently following daily ​routines. He has also been following simple instructions consistently.

This Term in Poppy class we have been learning all about People in the Community and the jobs that they do. We have been having trampoline lessons once a week and have all really enjoyed it. We have been out and about in the community shopping at Asda and visiting the park. Our favourite activity this term was the Jubilee Picnic. We loved joining all the other classes and parents for a delicious picnic and wonderful music and decorations to celebrate Her Majesty. ​

The whole class enjoyed Sports Day and loved seeing our parents joining in and cheering us on - the weather was glorious and a wonderful day was had by all.

Bamboo class

This term the majority of bamboo class went on holiday with familiar adults to a residential. Together we socialised and experienced different types of activities, such as ice skating, songs around the camp fire and woodland walks.

Lily Class have enjoyed the warmer weather this term. We've been doing lots of water play outside and have been working really hard on communication and interaction with our peers. We had a trip to the farm which was so much fun! We rode a tractor and met lots of animals.

Sunflower class member Lottie has been very chatty this week, telling us when she’s enjoying herself and also when she’s not! (which actually isn’t very often). She has recently told us that she loves being in motion, on the swing, being hoisted, on the mat etc. Coupled with a musical accompaniment, and she’s in heaven!

This week, all the children in Hebe class are being celebrated for an amazing walk to the local park's playground. This was a longer walk than usual for us, but they managed it exceptionally well. The children excitedly explored the different play equipment and enjoyed a lovely picnic before heading back to school. Well done Hebe class.

Connor is star of the week in Daisy Class. Connor has engaged will with playing with a peer. He has initiated and participated fully in sharing a foil blanket with a friend whilst out on a mat

Therapy Stars

Hill Campus:

Therapy star of the week: We are very proud of JI for attending the leavers party for a full 40 minutes. He was able to manage his energy levels to help him cope in this environment with adult support. Well done Josh.

Park Campus:

Our therapy star of the week this week is Simra. Simra coped well with a massive change in her routine as she was in a different class for the week. She also engaged in lovely back-forth interaction during a speech therapy session with lots of smiles, giggles, intentional looking and arm movements.

Events next week

Hill campus are having an arts festival on Wednesday 20th July and would like to invite parents to celebrate all our students achievements and hard work between 2-3 pm. Letters have been sent out and I will post on class dojo. If you have any questions please contact Simon.

Other useful information

NAS training event link below:

I am sharing this link for the Summer activities and Food Programme for those families that live in Sutton

Booking HAF provision - Sutton Council