Issue #2 November 2020

From the Board

Hello NAGT Community,

Can you believe we are already a quarter of the way through this school year? This school year has been different from any other we have ever experienced in the past. With the challenges the students, teachers, parents and administrators have faced nine weeks in, it is amazing how everyone has come together to make the best of this time. It has been the perfect segue into this year’s first group book study. This past month, we started the first book study of the year with the opening chapter of When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers, by Judy Galbraith, M.A. and Jim Delisle, Ph.D. The link to the book can be found on our resources page.

We are currently recruiting a parent campus liaison for each of the district campuses. They promote our organization and the benefits of membership. If you are interested in becoming a campus liaison, please reach out (! Our goal is to have a liaison for each campus by the end of the semester.

Liaisons are committed to:

  • Welcoming new members and helping them connect with others
  • Strengthening relationships with our members and GATES teachers and staff
  • Attending and promoting NAGT events
  • Working to strengthen relationships in the community and increase awareness of the benefits, programs and initiatives of NAGT

Did you know that NAGT hosts a variety of events? To learn about these events, please connect with us via our Facebook group. This last month we hosted a virtual book study, Ask a GT specialist, and a short story and art contest. Stay connected by joining NAGT and being at our events! Also as a member of NAGT, you automatically become a member of TAGT. So many great resources and events are hosted state wide on their Facebook page.

What are our goals for 2020-21?

I believe that a successful group relies on two very important things; Passion and Purpose. The passion was evident immediately, so we have focused on developing our Purpose as an association.

Another goal we have in place is to provide scholarships for our learners, educators, and even parents. These scholarships would include AP test fees, SAT/ACT test fees, general scholarships for graduating seniors, summer enrichment scholarships for summer camps, continuing education scholarships for educators to attend GT specialized training, and scholarships for our parents to attend various GT events to gain additional understanding and resources.

A few other goals we have set for ourselves:

  • GT event for recently identified GT learners and their parents
  • GT day camp/virtual camp
  • Host a Guest Speaker for Educators and Members
  • Meet with all GT Specialists
  • Meet with members of the School Board
  • Meet with Superintendent
  • Meet with Senator Jane Nelson
  • Host a member meet-up
  • Organize a service event

This is where you come in! We can meet these goals and more if we are all bought in to do our part. If you are interested in assisting in any of these areas, please email us at

I am so proud to be serving as the vice president of membership for this amazing group and thank you all for all you do for our learners.

Cassandra Self

1st VP and Membership Chair

Featured events

Upcoming events of the month:

Our next Book Study Discussion will be on November 4 (Wednesday) at 7 p.m via Zoom. We will discuss chapters 2-4 of the book, "When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers." If you haven't read that far into the book or even started the book, don't worry! We'll have lots to discuss, including identify gifted kids and the emotional side of giftedness. Here is the link to the Zoom meeting:

Our 3rd book discussion of the season will be on November 16 (Monday) at 7p.m. via Zoom. We will discuss chapters 5-7 of the book, "When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers." The Zoom link to the meeting is:

Past events:

NAGT was proud to host a Zoom panel discussion with GT specialists from our district on October 26 . Thank you to NISD gifted specialists Caitlin Andrews, Kelly Barrett, Kirstie Cooper, Lisa Degnan, Shelly Moses, Stacy Pickett, Marissa Randolph, and Kristy Schluter for sharing their expertise in educating our gifted students. They provided great insight into our kids. If you missed the discussion, the recording will be posted on the NAGT Facebook page. Thank you also to the parents who joined and shared comments and questions!

We also kicked off our fall virtual book study on October 5. The book we selected is "When Gifted Kids Don't Have All the Answers" by Judy Galbraith, M.A. and Jim Delisle, Ph.D. We had a great conversation and discussed the first chapter of the book at the kick off. If you missed it and would like to hear our discussion, you can watch the kick off via this link. You can also purchase the book on Amazon via NAGT website so that NAGT can get a little money back to invest in projects that benefit our GATES community.

TAGT Highlights

One of the biggest challenges that I have faced with gifted readers is finding quality reading material that is not only on my kids' reading level, but age-appropriate. TAGT has some great resources on their website to help parents who are looking for reading material that matches their student’s interests and ability level while still being age appropriate.


Community Chair

TAGT upcoming event:

giftEd 20, Texas's annual conference for gifted, is going online this year. There will be a full day of programming just for parents on December 5. All of the sessions on that day will be recorded and you will be able to view them through December 31. Registration fee for that day is $59. You can find more information about the conference at

Gifted to gifted

Every month, NAGT will send a question to a Specialist within NISD to be answered by one of their students and themselves to provide advice, insight, or recommendations to other Gifted Learners.

Question of the Month:

What is one method or resource that you would recommend for GT learners to organize and/or track assignments/schedules?

"The golden ticket to organization is having a sound kid friendly system, for keeping materials, assignments and plans orderly and readily accessible. Now having a system is one thing and executing and sticking to it is another! In the beginning, help your child determine what tool(s) they would like to use to help them to become an organized scholar. There are many tools to choose from such as planners, calendars, homework logs, and even a notebook to record a checklist of responsibilities, or duties that need to be met. You may want to help them set up the initial aspects (titles) to their organizational system, such as dates, time, subjects, assignments, or any other important tasks or goals. Once this is set up, have your child record their assignments, tasks, or goals into their organizational tool. For the younger scholars creating a “to-do-list” in a notebook with visuals is an appropriate way to begin teaching organization. More importantly keep it simple! Check with your child mid-week or the end of the week to evaluate how the system is working. Reflect, adjust, affirm, and celebrate the successes!”

--Sandra Champion, the GT specialist from Hughes Elementary

Three GATES students from Hughes Elementary all agree that technology is the best way to keep organized. Matthew recommends Google Sheets to create and organize your daily or weekly schedule. He likes how you can add columns, rows, and unconditional formatting to help with organization. Joel, and Billy both recommend Google Keep because you can create to-do-lists, add images, record your voice, and collaborate with others using it. They also like Google Calendar and Google docs. for creating schedules, agendas, and you can even hyperlink any resources that may help you improve on your organization.

Legislative & Election Information

This Tuesday, November 3rd, is the election day! Cast your vote so that your voice can be heard! If you have not already voted, you have from 7am-7pm on the election day to vote. For our district alone, we have three school board positions up for election, as well as bond elections, and a VATRE. For more information, please use this link to help you make decisions. Each of these elements directly impacts our NAGT community through the resources that our GATES students will have access to.

Halloween Drawing & Writing Contest

Thank you to all who participated in this event. We received multiple amazing entries. Our Board will be selecting a winner from each category this week and will share those results a separate announcement.

Fundraising opportunities

If you or someone you know has the resources to provide a Corporate Sponsorship for one of our annual costs or programs, please email us at

See the attached files for an opportunity to support NAGT by opening an account with our bank BBVA.