Franklin D. Roosevelt

Emma J.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times! Many people think that Mr. Roosevelt was one of our greatest presidents in our nation. Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability! Roosevelt was an amazing leader.

Early life

From an early age Roosevelt believed that the most important work is public service. Did you know that Roosevelt was born in Hyde, Park new York, in 1882? Also Franklin was the only child. He realized he wanted to go to boarding school, and help people in need! He was a helpful leader when he was young!

Personal challenges

Roosevelt had hard times walking in 1921! He gt a serious disease called polio. Polio a bad disease were people can't walk! He Exercised diligently hoping he would be able to walk again. Franklin went to warm springs Georgia for treatment. He worked hard to get to his life goal!


Franklin Delano Roosevelt contributed a lot to the united states.He served 4 terms as president! And the country was going through the great depression. The great depression is when they add new jobs.And he also started the new deal. The new deal is when Roosevelt promised he would put the Americans back to work.


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