Sea Creatures

By Nicholas Stathakis

Big Fish

The biggest fish are whales , giant squid , huge jelly fish , and big sharks. The whale shark is the biggest fish. A whale shark are about 65 feet tall. Wow , fish are really big !

Fish Types

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This is a Picture of Fish in the Ocean

Fish Eggs


All sea critters have diffrent number of eggs. Green turtles lay 200 eggs at a time ! Salmon can lay up to 7,500 eggs. Clown fish lay up to 1,000 eggs at a time . Ses critters lay a lot of eggs !

Fun Facts!!

This is information about sea turtles. Sea Turtles come back to there beach every three years. Sometimes baby sea turtles do not get to the ocean and die . The longest turtles is eight feet long !!


Some fish eat there own kind .Tiger shark eat there own kind. Octopi eat their own kind. Even pet fish! Wow , fish eat fish!