Flowers for Algernon

By: Rachel Allen


Flowers for Algernon is about a below average person, named Charlie Gordon, who works at a boxing factory, as a janitor He so badly wants to learn but it is hard for him. He goes to classes at night with other older students who want to learn. Then, he gets chosen to have an operation to make him smarter. He gets the operation and they run tests on him. There is a little, white, mouse, named Algernon, who races him through mazes and after a while he becomes really smart. Later, Algernon passed away. He mourned his death for a long time and buried him in his back yard. He laid flowers on Algernon's grave every week. Charlie started to research more about the operation and how he can improve it. After that, Charlie started to forget things and become less educated. Charlie then went back to is usual, below average self.


Charlie Gordon- Charlie was the main character in the book. He had problems learning but was determined to learn. He has great motivation and determination and is a protagonist in the book.

Algernon- Algernon was the mouse that Charlie would race against. He had the same operation as Charlie. He was a smart, lively mouse.

Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur- Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur were the doctors that helped Charlie and gave him the operation. They were working on making an operation, that everyone can get. Although they did help Charlie gain knowledge, they fought a lot and didn't make a good team.

Miss Kinnian- Miss Kinnian is Charlie's teacher. She tries to help Charlie learn and thinks that he is a very good student. Later in the book start seeing each other, romantically.

Joe Carp and Frank Reilly- Joe and Frank are Charlie's "friends" from his work. They talk to him more than anyone else, but they also make fun of him with out him knowing.