Russia Attacks On ISIS, Reasons Why

By Jason Lau (Important!!!)

What's Where???

In the picture below, demonstrates the attacks that Russia has planned to or has already strike the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS. Located in between the war-torn countries Iraq and Syria, this group of extremists and terrorists have killed their own citizens, tourists in the area, kidnapping people, and their target is to overthrow the Iraqi government, rule over the Muslim world, and possibly the world!!! Because of the influence of ISIS, some other terrorists groups in Nigeria, Kenya, Yemen and Afghanistan have started up their own revolution and fight to rule their countries, overthrow their government, and make all the people bow down to them.

Why There???

Simple Tensions Become Brutal and Chaotic Situations!!!

In this part of the world, war over religion occurs very often. Located in Europe is Catholicism, in Israel is Judaism, and wrapped around the whole entire area is Muslim, the main religion in the town. People compete for which religion is real, and kill off enenmy who are not their religion. Since the Crusades over the Holy Land, and throughout the numerous Caliphates over history, Muslim has become the Middle East's biggest religion. These group of ISIS fighters are too much endorsed into their religion, and loose control. They are Muslims, but aren't the kind men and women we know.

With tensions and strong hatred across the Middle East, and unstable countries collapsing because of their government, the ISIS organization first popped up in Iraq, and took over the North and West part of Iran. Known as a branch of al-Qaeda, another terrorists group, this crazy organization have fighters from all over the world helping them. There could be wars anywhere, from North Korea, to any revolution and war in the world.


Why Care???

ISIS is a very dangerous organization. If other countries, people and associations get in their way, their have their own special treatment, a terrible, brutal, and inhumanly treatment, the big knife, and whiff, there goes your head!!! The US allies, the United States, Canada, the European Union, and other countries that are allies have planned their own airstrike attacks to kill of the ISIS members, and contain their spread of wrong Muslim rule over the world. Russia, a country just north of Iraq, and their neighbouring country, Turkey, it is very easy for Russia to mobilize its army, send it down south, pass through the Caspian Sea in West Asia, and take out those terrorists. But organization such as NATO, the United Nations, and the G8 countries have wanted Russia to join the US-lead coalition; takeout the ISIS organization, kick out the Syrian Government, and rebuild a better future for the Middle East countries. This topic also relates to the relationship of the US Allies and Russia's aggression over Ukraine, the Baltic Area, and invasion of former Soviet States.

Russia had decided to join the bombing of the Islamic State, because of many reasons with Putin’s ties in the Middle East. As the president of Russia, former prime minister of Russia, and part of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union before its collapse, Vladimir Putin has seen many situation with the Middle East. With good relationships with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran, and the Iraqi Government, Russia has a strong control over the relationships in the Middle East. Although Russia is supported of getting rid of ISIS, because everyone hates ISIS, Russia is not siding with the United States, Canada and it allies. Russia has gone on an independent force to reach their goal.

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This is an image of the countries Russia has invaded and has persuade the people to follow and join Russia.

This is the messy political mosaic in the Middle East Situation with ISIS, Iraq and neighbouring countries.

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This is a picture of Russia and its distance to Syria.


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