The Stowaway Solution

By: Gordon Korman

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About the book and the author.

Published on Oct 1, 2005. Is the 4th book in the series of On The Run. The author is Gordon Korman and the book is a fiction, children literature book. Gordon Korman is born on Oct 29, 1963. He has written over 80 books and he is a Canadian American author.


Aiden and Meg found a way to get out of LA. It was in a boat headed to some place in Mexico. The Falconers sneak in by jumping in the canisters that is going to Mexico in the ship and wait till they believe the close is clear. Soon the crew decided to clear out the ship and found a shoe of Megs and they begin to search. Finally the crew found them;therefor, a big big storm is coming towards them. The crew figured out that they were the Falconers kids. The crew tide them up then later they broke out and they found a life raft and jumped out into the ocean. They fall asleep don't even know what happen, just in surprise meant their enemy shows up Emmanuel Hairless FBI and captures Aiden and Meg makes a mission to find him. They are on a island that is really rocky and grassy. Meg finds him in the hospital and she breaks Aiden out. They run and found a nice person that is willing to help them.

Man vs. Society

The Falconers are tying to run away from the FBI and a hit-man. They have to face a lot of challenges when they get closer to their objective.

"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well."

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