The Crucible

John Proctor

John Proctor was a farmer in the 1600s. He is important in the play because he is being accused of witchcraft. He is a very christian man. His weakness is when his wife is being blame for witchcraft for no reason. So he blames himself of having an affair.
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Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams was a 17 year old women. She is important because she is one of the first one to be blame for witchcraft. Her weakness is John Proctor because she wants him but he don't want anything with her.
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Elizabeth Proctor

Elizabeth Proctor is the wife of John Proctor. She is important in the play because she gets blame for witchcraft and John Proctor doesn't allows that. Her weakness is Abigail Williams blaming her for witchcraft because she wants John Proctor.
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Modern Life.

This is connected to modern life because witchcraft in the early years was something very serious. People would be kill for witchcraft. This lead to many deaths. Now a days witchcraft can be something evil but people don't pay that much attention to it.

Intolerance, Hysteria and Reputation.

Intolerance relate to the story because people are being blame for for witchcraft for no reason. Also being executed for nothing.
Hysteria relate to the story because Abigail Williams blames Elizabeth Proctor just because she was with John Proctor.
Reputation relate to the story when John Proctor deny witchcraft but accepts he had an affair.