By: Gustavo Pacheco

Historical Events

People have long used Transcaucasia as a migration route, especially as a gateway between Europe and Asia.

Trade routes near Black Sea led to the thriving commercial regions of Mediterranean Europe.

Important People

Migrants brought a great variety of languages to the region. Arab geographers called the region Jabal Al-Alsun, or the mountain of language. The indo-european, Caucasian, and the altaic language families are the regions most common.


After the Russian Revolution in 1917, the Transcaucasian republics enjoyed a brief period of independence. By the early 1920s, The Red Army- the name the soviet military had taken control of the region

Culture & Economy

The peoples of the region have exhibited an extraordinary ethnic and cultural diversity since early times: the Colchians, for example, as described in the 5th century by the Greek historian Herodotus, were black-skinned Egyptians, though their true origin remains unclear. In subsequent centuries, successive waves of peoples migrating across Eurasia added to and were molded by the more established groups in the region.
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