Favorite Snacks Survey

Lindsey Kelly, Kayla Gentry, & Courtney Llanusa

Favorite Snacks Survey

Our survey was based on favorite snacks of those who completed the survey. Everyone loves snacks, so we received a lot of useful responses that we could collect data from. We had 164 views total, with a total of 126 responses. The original link to our survey is posted below and we would love for you to still take the survey!


Salty, Sweet, or Both?

One of the things we wanted to learn from this survey was whether people preferred salty snacks, sweet snacks, or had an equal love for salty and sweet snacks. Out of 126 total responses, 85 people stated that they liked both salty and sweet snacks, which is a total of 67.5% of the votes. Salty snacks were the least favorite and only received 20 votes, or 15.9%. Although salty snacks had the lowest amount of votes, sweet snacks only received two more votes. Sweet snacks received 22 votes, or 17.5%. It is clear that the majority of people do not want to choose between salty or sweet snacks because they share an equal love for both.
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Late Night Snack Craving?

We asked the question, “It’s the middle of the night and you’re craving your favorite late night snack, where would you go to get it and what would you get?” Out of 126 responses, 58.7% (74 people), said they would go downstairs to get ice cream. 23% (29 people) said they would head to Krispy Kreme right away! 11.1% (14 people) said that they are not going anywhere, because they have Dominos on speed dial. Lastly, that leaves 7.1% (9 people) who said that they would head to Taco Bell. Below is the graph that will let you examine the results yourself!
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Do You Ever Regret When You Snack?

On our survey we asked if you ever regret when you snack. We received 126 responses with 96 people, 76.2%, agreeing that they sometimes regret when they snack. That means that only 30 people were divided between never regretting snacking and always regretting when they snack. When broken down, 13 people, 10.3%, said they always regret snacking and 17 people, 13.5%, said they never regret when they snack. It seems clear that most people tend to be torn on how they feel after they snack.
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One Snack Forever?

We also asked the surveys recipients if they could only eat one snack for the rest of their life, what would it be? Since 126 people took the survey, we had a large variety of responses, so we narrowed it down to three categories: salty, sweet, and other. We had planned on only doing a salty and sweet category, but quickly discovered that those two categories wouldn’t work for everyone’s choices. Some of the snacks we put in the other category were carrots, peanut m&ms, trail mix, yogurt pretzels, and a charcuterie board.
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The video below highlights some favorite snacks from the 1990s!
Do Your Favorite Childhood Snacks Still Taste As Good?

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To Sum it All Up...

Thank you for visiting our newsletter and taking the time to complete our survey! Once again, our survey was about favorite snacks and we had 164 views, with a total of 126 responses. That means we only had 38 people who did not take the survey that viewed the site. All of our results were a great way to learn more about everyone's favorite snacks!