Religion in Asia

hinduism information

who is the higher power???

The higher power is none

who is the founder???

the founder is also none

whats the date found???

It was found in the earliest forms date to 1500 BC or earlier

How many Adherents (followers)???

There are 900 million adherents

what is the sink rank???

the sink rank is the third largest in the world

what is the sacred text (holy book)???

Vedas, upanishads , sutras, bhaogavad, gita

who are the spiritual leaders???

Guru and Sage

what is the ultimate reality???

the ultimite reality is Brahma

what are the major holidays???

the major holidays are manashivarati (mid febuary) , Holi (spring) , and diwali (mid november )

beliefs on after life

if karma unresolved soul is born into a new body;if karma is resolved, attained.


1. human nature -in badage to ignorance and illusion but able to escape

2.purpose of life-to attain libertation(moka) from the reincarneation cycle

3.how we live-order life according to the dharma

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Diwali - Festival of Lights