Egyptian Entertainment

Noah Frederick, Mallorie Thompson 2nd HR


People had to work hard in ancient Egypt. But they could expect to enjoy themselves. They seized every opportunity to have a good time. Ancient Egyptians had many ways to enjoy themselves such as singing, dancing, hunting, and wrestling.

Ancient Egyptian Games

  • The best games played by the Egyptians were simple that could be played anywhere.
  • Most games played by Ancient Egyptians were tug of war, or ball games.
  • Most toys were made out of clay, wood, or carved ivory.
  • Many of the games were based off their beliefs.

Ancient Egyptian Pets

  • Many Egyptians either had a Dog, Herodotus, Monkey, Goose, or a Cat.
  • The pets they had depended on their wealth.
  • Rich, or wealthy people had a Monkey or Cat.
  • Many Egyptians had Geese because they would always wonder into people's houses because they were believed to be afraid of the wind god, Amun

Holidays / Festivals

  • During their festivals they had music playing, people singing , and a lot of dancing.
  • These festivals and holidays are very important to the ancient Egyptians because they base there everyday lives around their beliefs.
  • Priests act out plays showing the god's deeds.
  • During these holidays and festivals the families cook the best feast they can afford.