We Wanna Giraffe!

By: Lexy, Katie, Jody, Jodie, Pam & Kathleen

Why We Want a Giraffe

We have a problem with neighbors and their trees hanging in our yard. A giraffe would help both us and our neighbor manage the foliage on the trees. The giraffe would also help us to maintain our lawn while we are busy writing lesson plans.

The giraffe is quiet and peaceful and would make the neighbors happy.

Our giraffe would help us get to our garages without shoveling. Again, giving us more time for lesson planning. We would be able to get out to the base without any problems, and we would save gas and car maintenance fees. A giraffe can run up to 35 miles per hour, thus giving more time for PLCs while we are riding the giraffe to the base.

We will no longer need a ladder to change lightbulbs, clean the windows, and hang up our alphabet lines because our giraffe would be a handy helper, thus giving us more time to study the common core.

Giraffes help us teach basic concepts in science, mathematics, and art by examining the features, habitat, and lifestyle of the giraffe.

In Conclusion

Every teacher needs a giraffe to help them with their daily school duties. Children will be happier, adults will be happier because their lives will be enhanced by the beauty of the giraffe. Children will learn responsibility by caring for the giraffe and understand the necessity of co-existing with really cool animals in our environment.

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