Hot Air Balloon

By: Prayusha P., Jade R., and Vishal V.

I LOVE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 1

The function that relates to the variables that best describes the situation was f(x)=800 -20x because the situation explained that the balloon was found at the altitude of 800. Also, the balloon was descending at a rate of 20 feet per minute.

Question 8

For the 3rd balloon would have to begin its descent at 1200 ft to end at the same time as the 1st balloon. We know this because the speed that the 3rd balloon descends is 2/3 faster than the 1st balloon. So to be even with the 1st balloon, the altitude of the 3rd balloon must also be 2/3 larger which is 1200 ft. The equation of the line for this is y = 1200 - 30x.