Earthquakes and Volcanos

By Jack Tran and Will Demersseman

Charleston Earthquake

  • The earthquake we chose is called the Charleston earthquake. This event started to happen around September 1, 1886.
  • It was caused by a transform boundary.
  • The Charleston earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3.
  • It had at least 2 epicenters. One was located at Woodstock, a railroad stop on the Southern Railway into Charleston. The other was located at Ravenel, a small town twenty-three miles southwest of Charleston. The focus of Woodstock was almost 12 miles deep and Ravenel had nearly 8 miles deep.
  • The earthquake caused at least 60 casualties and caused around $5-$6 million in property damage.
  • Something interesting about this earthquake is that it was so huge that states reported several structural damage several hundred kilometers from Charleston (including central Alabama, central Ohio, eastern Kentucky, southern Virginia, and western West Virginia.