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Lakeview Family Newsletter - October 5

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How do I help my child at home?

We hope that you were able to conference with teachers last week. Many families ask our teachers, "How can I help my child at home?" Here are a few things you can do every day.

Ask your child about his/her day

Here are some things that happen EVERY day here at Lakeview that you could ask about:

What book did you read during independent reading time?

What did your teacher talk about during the reading mini-lesson today?

What did you write about during writing today?

What specials did you have today?

What did you learn in math today? Did you play any math games?

Read, read, read ... and then talk about the book together

We can't stress this enough. It's the key to future success.

30 minutes every night, and encourage a variety of books.

Use the online math games provided by teachers

See below - or - use the links provided by your teacher

Talk about behavior and character

Reinforce how important it is to you that your child(ren) show great character.

Get a good night's sleep

Get to bed early and limit screen time before bed. It's hard to learn if you are tired.

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

October 9 - Cherrydale fundraiser kickoff assembly (during school - just for our students). Look for information from this fundraiser to come home in the Tuesday folder. Cherrydale used to be known as Mr. Z's in the past.

October 11 - PTO meeting 7-8 p.m. in the Lakeview library. We will have a representative from our district office with us to talk about the upcoming school district referendum.

October 19 - Grandparent's Day and Food Drive. Grandparents come to Lakeview from 8:30-10:00 a.m. for this annual celebration. There are snacks, a song, and visit time in classrooms for our special relatives. If grandparents are not able to celebrate with us, perhaps you have another relative that could join us?

Is my child too sick for school today?

I get it ... it's hard to tell sometimes if your child should go to school or not when they are ill. Here is a guide to help make that decision. If your child goes to a doctor or medical practitioner, please be sure to ask for a medical excuse letter and bring it to school.

Art room news

Welcome back to the Art Room, Lakeview Families! We are already off to an exciting start to the year in our Art Room.

We will once again be posting all of our art projects on Artsonia, which not only lets us share the artwork with friends and relatives far away, but also offers us a wonderful way to earn funds for the art room through customized keepsakes. I am always happy to add artwork done at home to a student's gallery, so please don't hesitate to bring any of those special creations to me for publishing.

If you are not yet connected to your child’s account, please look for a permission slip coming home soon. Thank you!

Mrs. Ramirez


Our incredible math specialist, Ms. Schefelker, has set up some parent homework help events in the coming months. If you've ever said, "I don't understand how to help my child with math today," please join us. Here is the link to the times and dates. Feel free to attend any session.

Your child's teacher may have provided more specific log-in information for math work at home. The following links do not require a log-in, so they can work anywhere!

Math Games (for every grade level)

Math Words and Ideas (what students learn in class)

Student Council Info

Greetings, Lakeview families. My name is Mrs. Wilke and not only do I have the privilege of being a 5th grade teacher here at Lakeview, but this year I am pleased to be taking on the role of Student Council Advisor. We had our first interest meeting this week and the room was full. We are starting the year 98 members strong! Students chose between different teams: Communications, Advertising, Logistics, and Classroom Ambassadors. I look forward to meeting with each team in the coming weeks. Our first big event will be the Fall Food Drive. The Food Drive will be Monday, October 15th through Friday, October 19th. Look for a flier with more details in next week's Tuesday folder.

The picture below is from the first student council meeting of the year. Look at all those student leaders!

Student Council Meeting

Family Workshops

The flyer below lists some upcoming events hosted at the Franklin Public Library. Two of the events have already passed, but the event on October 17 about student anxiety is a topic that is on the minds of many parents.

Information on the Upcoming Referendum

VOTE November 6!

Investing in our Future: Safe, Strong, Successful

Find answers to frequently asked questions, including the estimated tax impact, at