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August 19, 2021

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Second week: be positive - be respectful - be responsible


Second week almost complete. There are great things happening at Taylor Road!

I need to begin by shouting out our front office ladies. They work so hard to accommodate our visitors. A word to those who have been impatient with them these past days. Our front office staff are here to help. To help, they often must explain policies and procedures they did not create. Please direct your concerns to me - only be kind to them!

Next week we are planning a virtual Curriculum Night. Join us 'live' online beginning Thursday, August 26 at 6 PM. Teachers will have break out sessions following our bell schedule to follow. See details below. Links for the event will be sent next week.

We wanted to give you an update on the roll out of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) process. Last week, we had a very successful kickoff culminating in a school-wide Wear Green Rally outside on our soccer field. The final event was a much-anticipated announcement of the grade level of with the highest percentage of students wearing green. Mr. Huggins and I were the 'winners' - see the photos below.

PBIS continuing to roll out

During these first days of PBIS, students have been learning about expectations for behavior in all areas of the building to support their learning success. The expectations are built around three ideas: be proactive, be respectful and be responsible. In addition to defining what this looks like at school, teachers have also focused on specific guidelines outlining the dress code and the use of cellphones, earbuds, and head coverings. Details are more complete in the PDF below. Please take a moment to review, as we will be embracing the process full on beginning Monday, August 23.

Also below is our tweaking of the morning car pool line - TWO LANES. We have to have students in class on time, so this change - along with tracking tardies - will communicate to our community just how important attendance is for school success.

We greatly appreciate your support as we reinforce our PBIS process and expectations. We anticipate that the PBIS process will greatly enforce our efforts toward supporting an environment that is focused on student learning success in a structured environment.

This week's learning: Intentional acts of calm

In this article in Psychology Today, psychotherapist Linda Esposito suggests twelve “intentional acts of calm”:

  • Reframe. When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, What is a different way of looking at my situation? “Doing this, says Esposito, “is a key step toward regarding yourself as a capable problem-solver.”
  • Get outside. Take a walk. If you’re walking with a wily dog, that will help you get out of your own head.
  • Hydrate. “Water,” says Esposito, “facilitates the delivery of nutrients to the brain, removes toxins and inflammatory markers, and improves cognitive functioning.”
  • Do pushups. A short burst of physical exertion releases nervous energy.
  • Visualize an admired person. What would they do?
  • Use Pomodoro. Work in 25-minute chunks followed by 5-minute breaks, and after four cycles, take a 15-20-minute break.
  • Insert a mindful buffer. Between work and home, “spend a few minutes in silence to make peace with what’s happened during the day,” says Esposito, “then take a few cleansing breaths before switching gears with presence and intention.”
  • Clear clutter. This is especially helpful just before going to bed.
  • Read hard-copy news. Onscreen news feeds are distracting and provoke anxiety.
  • Dump smiley-face. “Sometimes you need to take off the rose-tinted glasses to see your smudged, cloudy challenges as they are,” says Esposito.
  • Make a fun plan. Thinking about a get-together with people who are good for your mental health creates positive anticipation.
  • Accept anxiety. “Sometimes letting go of the need to control outcomes leads to greater acceptance of your circumstances,” Esposito concludes.

“12 Ways to Curb Anxiety” by Linda Esposito in Psychology Today, May/June 2021 (Vol. 54, #3, p. 41)

Thank you for sharing your family with us.

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I love my job!

New Morning Carpool Procedure - Begins Monday, August 23, 2021

As you are likely aware, traffic in the morning is a concern. We are establishing a new traffic pattern, only for morning carpool, beginning on Monday, August 23, 2021. Please click on the image below for a document describing the changes. As we begin this new drop-off pattern, please pay attention to the staff on duty so we can keep everyone safe!

In addition to the changes to our carpool traffic pattern, there are other options for you to consider to help mitigate the traffic in the mornings:

  • Have your students ride the bus. Bonus: They will not be marked tardy to school if the bus arrives late!
  • Consider carpooling with your neighbors if you need to have your student driven to school.

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Core values of TRMS: Engagement, Rigor, and Relationships

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iReady Diagnostic Testing Information

Dear Taylor Road Parents,

The iReady Fall Diagnostic will begin the week of August 16th. The iReady Math assessment will be administered on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 17th and 18th, and the iReady Reading assessment will be administered on Tuesday and August 24th and 25th. Make-up testing will be held each Friday during those testing weeks.

Students will complete the diagnostic with their homeroom teacher during first two periods of the day. A modified schedule will be followed on these days to minimize loss of instructional time. Please encourage your students to do their very best on the iReady assessment. Parents, the Taylor Road teachers and administration truly appreciate all your help in ensuring that your student has a smooth and successful experience during the administration of the iReady assessment.

Schedule for Tuesday, August 24th

Schedule for Wednesday, August 25th

Limited Time - Special Yearbook Price of $45!

Please click on the image below to order your yearbook at the lowest price of the year -- $45. This offer expires August 27th.

8th Grade Ads for Yearbook -- New this year!

We are selling ads for 8th graders this year! Make sure to recognize and celebrate your 8th graders with an ad in this year's yearbook! Click on the image below to place your ad!

Join the PTA Now!

Hello Parents and Staff,

PTA Membership is now open! Go to the Store and Forms tab in Membership Toolkit, and then to the Membership Store!

Why join PTA? We'll tell you . . .

🎉 PTA Membership and dues support your child/students by funding essential educational and curriculum needs, advocating on behalf of children and educators at the local, state, and national levels, and building an inclusive school community for all families. We invite you to join the TRMS PTA for your child because increasing our membership—even by one—makes it possible to provide important educational resources, speak up on important issues, and create a stronger school community . . . and a rather FUN school community too! Take a look at a few of the PTA highlights from just last year! 🎉

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Parents, we ask that you join at least at the Silver Level if you are able to because that amount is how much our activities, events, and sponsorship costs per student per year.

update your profile today! Go to How To Create My Account

💡 Also, we know that the organizations that are able to flex and pivot are those that remain valuable to their members. Especially now, we'd love YOUR ideas for how to best enrich this school year for all of our stakeholders. If an older or younger child's PTA or a neighbor's or colleague's school PTA is doing something really neat and new, please share this with us. We always want YOU to have a role in shaping your PTA! Please email our President, Ed Keichour, with any ideas or questions ( 💡

Please log into Membership Toolkit, go to the Membership Store, and join us as Members and partners for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Thank you for your support,

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Important Dates

August 6: Schedule Verification Day, 9:00 - 12:00

August 9: First Day of School for Students

August 13: Spirit Day - Wear GREEN!

August 13: PBIS School-wide Activity, 8:50 a.m. -- Special Event Bell Schedule

August 17 & 18: iReady Math Diagnostic Testing

August 24 & 25: iReady Reading Diagnostic Testing

August 26: Virtual Curriculum Night

September 6: Labor Day Holiday - Schools Closed

The buck stops here

See our duties divided among the administrators responsible (click photo below). We continually modify and update this chart. It is also available on the TRMS website.

We are here to help - always!

If you feel any concerns - or know someone who does - please know Taylor Road is filled with people who care. I encourage you to reach out via this website link to report concerns to me personally at any time. I immediately receive email notification of all submitted concerns, and I promise to respond quickly. The report remains anonymous, unless you choose to share your identity and allow me to respond.

Fulton Schools also has a Quick Tip app to report issues to district leaders and school police. Please continue to reach out. It is never a bother or a hardship to show we care.

Finally, there are any number of resources for stakeholders. Please follow this link for more information. Do not hesitate; ask for help.


As we define our way forward, the administrative team welcomes input. Remember, I continue to use #TheTRWayForward to tag Twitter posts that represent my vision for Taylor Road.

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