Hosey Headlines

September 3, 2015

Social Studies Quizzes (This does not apply to Read 180 Students)

If your child did not have 100% on Quiz One, he or she needs to correct the mistakes and have you sign it. If the mistakes are corrected and a parent signs the quiz, we will raise the grade.

Next Thursday, September 10th, we will have a quiz on facts 9-18. Please encourage your child to review the facts each night.

Reading Nightly

Please remember 25% of your child's reading grade is based on the top four scores he or she earns on Reading Counts tests. A book must be within your child's lexile range to count. If you have any questions about what level books your child should be reading independently, please ask either 5th grade teacher. Each night we ask that your child read for 20 minutes.

Mutiplication the Career and College Ready Way

I have attached an explanation of multiplication strategies to this newsletter. If you have any questions about a method, feel free to ask. I know they seem strange. Next week we will move on to division. It is EXTREMELY important that your child knows his or her multiplication facts. 5th grade math is painful for everyone if facts are not automatic.