Joystick is a device that moves in all directions and controls the movement of the cursor on the screen. The joystick offers three types of controls.
• Digital control
• Glide control
• Direct control
Digital control allows in a limited movement in a number of directions such as up,
down, left and right. Glid and direct controls allow movements in all directions (360 degree). The basic design of a joystick consists of a stick that is attached to plastic base with a flexible rubber sheath. It has some pushing buttons and a circuit board which is placed under the stick. Joysticks are mainly used for computer games, controlling industrial robots and for other applications such as flight simulators, training simulators, etc.

graphic digitilizer

Graphic Digitizer
Graphic digitizer is an input device, which is used for converting pictures, maps and drawings into digital form for storage in computers. This enables re-creation of the drawing whenever required. It also facilitates any changes in the drawing whenever required.
A digitizer consists of a digital tablet (also known as graphics tablet) associated with a stylus. The digitizing tablet is a flat surface, which contains hundreds of fine copper wires forming a grid. Each copper wire receives electric pulses. The digitizing tablet can be spread over a working table, and is connected to computer.