Academic Coach News & Notes

Keith Royer - January 2015

A Few Important Updates:

1. Schedule a Meeting/Planning Time (shared calendar)

  • To schedule a time to meet/plan/discuss anything
  • Schedule to plan to co-teach a lesson
  • Schedule a time to demonstrate/help with technology in the classroom
  • Please use the shared calendar (done the same way you would for Michelle Graby)
  • How to access shared calendar (link)

2. Website (Link)

  • I have an Academic Coach page (currently under construction)
  • Links to my presentations will be there
  • It will have walk-throughs and links for setting up programs and FAQs

3. Survey (Link)

  • Please complete so I can get a sense of what works and what doesn't
  • It is completely anonymous

4. General Building Schedule (when no appointments scheduled)

*I will attend grade level meetings in the mornings at each building as often as possible, so I may be traveling between buildings in the morning.

  • Monday - Annville
  • Tuesday/Thursday - Secondary
  • Wednesday - Cleona
  • Friday - All 3 buildings based on grade level meetings

5. Idea/Help Sessions

  • Based on daily building schedule, I will be available in the library of that building if there is anything you have questions about, or resources you would like to find for use in the classroom
  • I will make myself available before and after school, schedule permitting
  • You can quickly check my calendar to see if I am scheduled anywhere else at those times
  • Feel free to call me (ext. 5070) if you would like me to stop by your room in the doesn't have to be planned ahead of time


Many of you have contacted me to let me know that you have created games already. Some for personal use, and some for classroom use. Talk about student engagement!

Below you will find a few tips and some information on Kahoot! I have also included the YouTube tutorial at the bottom of the newsletter.

Kahoot! demo for teachers
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