Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 26

What's happening?

Dear staff,

Here are some updates from this past week and some news regarding Spring Intersession and Spring Break:

  • Spring intersession numbers are the highest they have been for K-5 in at least 3 years. We have 175 (64%) signed up out of our 274 in K-5!
  • Thank you to all of you who agreed to teach during spring intersession. We cannot offer spring, fall, and 5th Quarter without all of you agreeing to help and teach. It means a lot! Enjoy your spring break, everyone!
  • There is a link at the bottom of this newsletter with some great instructional resources for March holidays and events. If you are on Twitter (I sure hope you are!), please follow @cybraryman1
  • Please make sure that you take some time to explore our new Google mail. Charlotte and Tisha need to meet with Travis Hansen to get converted. We are hoping to give some Google docs, drive, email, calendar PD in April.
  • Please make sure to read the BLT minutes from this morning's meeting. We have a lot of end of year items that we are discussing. Can you believe we have 12 weeks left after break? That is 58 days of instruction if my math is correct! Wow!
  • The balanced calendar waiver is still in the air. There should be some news soon hopefully for both NA and the district.
  • Family Literacy Night with Rock-It Academy was a GIGANTIC success. We had over 180 people here with families from all grade levels. Thank you so much for promoting it in your classrooms and for those that volunteered to work and/or brought their Shooting Stars. It was so cool to see our families enjoying dinner together, rotating through the Dr. Seuss stations, and their excitement for the free books and the tablet giveaway.
  • Door Decorating was again amazing! We have some super creative staff here and 100% of our doors were decorated. It was interesting to say the least to have all of the Dr. Seuss events going on the week before our 2-week break, but we survived :)
  • Kindergarten Round Up went well. We had lots of first-timers including Danielle, Lori, Jessica, Kimberly, and PTA. We had 44 little ones register with us. Four have requested to choice out, but the rest want to stay :) That is awesome news. Even the copy machine held in there til the end!
  • If you are interested in the BCSF Spelling Bee or Lip Sync, please let me know.
  • If you plan to attend the PTA Trivia Night on March 27th, please get your table reservation in as soon as you can.
  • Try to get your proof of vaccination for measles in to Lori as soon as possible. They are due March 13th. If you have specific questions, please ask Lori or me.

March 9-13

Weekly Plan

Monday March 9

Spring intersession

Tuesday March 10

Spring intersession

(Lisa tentatively going to Des Moines)

Wednesday March 11

Spring intersession

1:00 Behavior IEP w/Chuck & Erika

Thursday March 12

Spring intersession

3:00 Behavior IEP w/Chuck & Jessica

Friday March 13

7:45 NA/AEA monthly special education meeting w/Jodi, Chuck, Brooke, Ellen, Peg, Megan, Leslie, and Lisa (I will be on vacation after that meeting)

Spring intersession

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