Welcome to the MDE Robotics Club

Where Cool Kids Come to Code!

Dear Future Robotics Parents,

Congratulations! Your child(ren) have been selected to be a part of the robotics club at MDE! We are VERY excited to begin our adventure with all of your awesome kiddos! We have had an overwhelming response to this club and we don’t want to turn anyone away. We are currently brainstorming ways in which we can allow all these future coders to join us. We have access to six sets of robots.

Our first meeting is October 17. The club will be meeting from 3:00 – 4:30. Please pick up your children from parent drive. We would like to maximize our time coding because the competition is coming quickly. We will set up a parent meeting as soon as possible so you will have more information about what is going on in robotics.

If you would like to send snacks (peanut free) for our coders, we would love to have them.

After the club starts we may be asking you for other items. The coders will be designing what they want to submit for the competition and will come up with a list of items they need on their own.

Shirts – We will be ordering shirts for our robotics club. If you would like to purchase a shirt for your child, please send $10 and their shirt size to our first meeting. (see picture of shirt below)

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First Meeting October 17, 2016 in Room 305

Club Dates

November 7 - Club Meeting MDE

November 14 - Club Meeting MDE

November 21 - Club Meeting MDE

November 28 - Club Meeting MDE

December 5 - Club Meeting MDE

December 12 - Club Meeting MDE

January 21 - Robotics Showcase!!! Location to Come Soon

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