Journal Entry #9

The Great Gatsby

chapter 9, pages: 163-180

Chapter summary

Following Gatsby's death, several people over time come to his house to see the murder scene. Nick tries, feeling for Gatsby, to try and find people to come to his funeral, not wanting him to face it alone, but in the end only comes up with a couple and Gatsby's father, who came down from Minnesota and which he shares a early schedule that his son set up for himself. After the funeral, Nick decides to go back home, and ends it with Jordan. Nick also comes in contact with Tom, which him and Daisy moved away, suddenly, and which Nick learns that Tom was the one that told Wilson that it was Gatsby who killed his wife, which Tom believed that Gatsby deserved to die. And Nick realizes how terrible people are, especially Daisy and Tom, who just take what they want, not caring of the consequences then leaving for other people to pick up the broken pieces.

Nick Carraway



-He calls himself non judge mental, but like everybody else, he is; he just doesn't say them out loud


-Known to tell the truth

-Friends with Gatsby

-Cousins with Daisy; college friends with Tom

-Goes out with Jordan

-From Minnesota, from a "well-to-do" family

-Moved to West Egg, which is known to have newly rich attendies

-Easily tolerated

-Gets close to Gatsby, learning of his past

character summary

Nick, is generally a good person, easily tolerated and known to be non judge mental, but in some ways it seems he is everything about judging, just not taking the time to say it. As well as, he doesn't tell anybody about the affairs, yet most people already know. The more time he spends with Gatsby, the more he learns about him and gets a closer friendship with him so by the end, when Gatsby is killed, he takes the burden and tries to create a big funeral for him, but it fails, for everybody has either disappeared or claiming busy. For at the end, Nick decides to return home, leaving this life behind him.


"The funeral's tomorrow," I said. "Three o'clock, here at the house, I wish you'd tell anybody who'd be interested"(169).

-Nick, while on the phone with a "friend" of Gatsby's, Klipspringer, tells him about the funeral and to have him invite other people. Nick is trying to find people, to at least give Gatsby this, a big funeral, but in the end, no one does come, except, Owl eyes, a few servants, himself, and Gatsby's father, Henry C. Gatz.