Welcome to the Library

at Union East

September 2013

Hello, I'm Anna Rauvenpoor, the new librarian at Union East and I'm truly excited to be a part of this great team of educators! I have met some of you in the recent weeks and I look forward to meeting, and working with, all of you. The library curriculum lends itself to collaboration with every subject area in the school. One of my goals as a teacher librarian is to encourage and facilitate collaboration between us. We can do more together, as a team, than we can alone.

The library is a resource for everyone in our school community: faculty, staff, administrators, students, and parents. It is my sincere desire to have these resources utilized to their full potential. The librarian is also a resource for the school community. I can help provide you with the most up-to-date materials and information you are seeking. Please use the resources at the library and ask me to help with any of your information needs. Here's to a great year at Union East!

Here are some cool tools you might be able to use in the new school year (like this digital flyer).

Don't forget to use the Library web pages!

Visit the Library web pages to access the catalogs at Union East and Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries. Get to our databases , use kid friendly search engines, and click on the RESOURCES page for many more resources you can use.

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