Region 17 ESC Social Studies

Spring Flyer 2016

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Secession, Slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction

Brought to you by Humanities Texas

February 18th

Session ID Number: 362083

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8th Grade American History STAAR Review

March 1st

Session ID Number: 366476

High School U.S. History EOC Review

March 2nd

Session ID Number: 366482

Instructional Technology Tools for the Social Studies Classroom

May 31st

Session ID Number: 367195

Twitter Professional Development

If you would you like to get professionbal development while wearing your pajamas, then this workshop series is for you! Each session is worth 2 hour of PD credit. If you participate in each session, you will be able to receive 8 hours of CPE credit!

January 13th: Instructional Materials

Session ID Number: 367495

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February 10th: Formative Assessment

Session ID Number: 367502

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March 24th: Instructional Technology Tools

Session ID Number: 367504

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April 21st: Grading and Assessment

Session ID Number: 367507

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Online Workshops

These courses are self-paced. They MUST be completed by December 1st in order to receive the 6 hours of CPE credit. You may register at any time throughout the Fall.

Conceptual Planning in Social Studies

Session ID Number: 43244

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Formative Assessment in a Nutshell

Session ID Number: 43248

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Online Book Study: “Why Won’t You Just Tell Us the Answer?” Teaching Historical Thinking in Grades 7-12

Session ID Number: 367423

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