Time Capsule Project

By: Evan Johnson


The people that make up my family are my parents, my brother, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and my cousins. My parents are divorced. It happened when I was pretty little. Most of my relatives live in the area, so I see many of these people often.


My ancestors come from Europe and are mostly English or British and German, with a tiny bit of Latvian.


Both sides of my family are Christian. My mother and her parents were Episcopalian. In fact, my great grandfather was an Episcopal priest. I was baptized at Emanuel Episcopal Church in Southern Pines.

My father's side of the family didn't attend church very often, but my grandmother considers herself Southern Baptist. Sometimes she goes to church with me and Nonnie at the Episcopal church.

Almost every year since I was born, I've spent a week in August at Carolina Beach with the Johnson family. For many years, my Lammers' side of the family spent a week in July at Kanuga Conference Center outside Hendersonville. I loved both of those places and made most of the best memories that I have there. Britt's Donuts and Kanuga Toast.

My favorite food is Mac and Cheese using my great great grandmother's recipe. My Meme (Bobbie) makes the best sugar cookies. My Nonnie (Charlotte) makes the best deviled eggs.

My Lammers' side of the family thinks that scouts are important as well as a love of music. My Da (Edward) got me started in Cub Scouts when I was seven years old and I went all the way up to Boy Scouts. I sang in the children's choir at church. Education is very important to my Nonnie especially since she is a teacher. Things that are important to my dad are video games and golf. My Meme likes me to have friends. On both sides of my family there is a great love of animals; we have lots of pets.


I am rather quiet, shy, and nerdy. When I am playing a video game I am more outgoing, aggressive, and hidden behind my avatar. I like 1st person shooter games, such as Call of Duty. I also like playing creative type games, like Minecraft and Terraria. I like gadgets and electronics of all kinds.

There are some things that I am not good at, like sports, I do like to play for fun. I used to run in the running club and played rec league basketball in elementary school.

Future Ambitions and Dreams

My goals after 8th grade and high school are to go to a college and learn how to create video games. I would really like to work in the video game industry. I hope that I will earn a lot of money from my job. I would like to have a nice house with a pool and drive a green Tesla car. I hope I have a beautiful wife and three kids.
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Life Experiences

My Da was extremely important to me because he raised me for the first seven years of my life. He took me everywhere with him which was pretty unusual. A 65 year old man with a baby and a baby carrier. He took me fishing and bought me my first tackle box and fishing rod. We didn't catch a lot of fish. The first fish that I caught was a ten inch bass. I threw it back into the lake in Pinebluff. Tools were very important to Da, so he bought me my first hammer and let me pound nails into scraps of lumber. When I was older he got me my own tools. I made a toolbox in Cub Scouts. Da is probably why I like gadgets so much. When I found out that Da had cancer and was going to die my world fell apart for a while. I hope I make him proud even though he is not with me anymore.

I have been to Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kansas. I think my favorite trip was the trip to Florida, because I got to pet and feed a dolphin.

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I chose this picture because Da and I used to sit on the dock at Pinebluff lake to go fishing.