Money, money, money!

With Kelsey Cheney

Want to save money?

Some ways you can save your money, besides putting it under your mattress, is to:

  • Put it into a savings account
  • Checking account
  • Savings bond
  • Time based CD

By putting your money in one of the above choices, you are not putting your money at any risk.

Tips on saving money

Do you want to make money off of the money you are saving?

Well then, you should put your money in a CD or a savings bond.

  • By putting your money in one of these, you would get a .003%-3.5% return rate.

Do you just want to keep your money safe?

If it doesn't mater whether or not you make money of of your preexisting money, then I recommend putting your money into a savings account or a checking account.

  • These have a very low return rate.

Also, do you want to be able to have complete access to your money?

Then you should put your money in a savings or checking account.

  • These have the most liquidity when it comes to saving money.

If you don't care that you have easy access to it or not...

Then a savings bond or CD is the right choice for you.

  • These options have a low liquidity.

In conclusion

You might be asking yourself: Well why is saving my money even important? The answer is simple. You should save your money because instead of blowing it all on things you don't necessarily need, you could put it away just in case some day an accident happens and you need that money to fix something. Or maybe you have kids and they plan on going to college. College is expensive and by saving your money you could pay for your kids to go to college and get a good education. Saving money is very important for many different reasons, but it all comes down to being responsible with your money.

Want to invest your money?

Are you looking to take a huge risk with your money to make even more money?

Then you are at the right place! Now only if you are up for a thrill should you invest your money.

The most common type of investing is investing in stock.

  • Investing in stock means that you are buying shares of ownership in a company/corporation. Doing this, you are putting your money in a pretty high risk. Also, the liquidity in investing in stocks is about neutral. A bonus in buying stock is there is high return rate, up to about 11%.

Another way you could invest your money is in property.
  • The return rate is very high, but so is the risk. A negative about this is the liquidity is very low, meaning it is hard to access your money.

Gold is very rare and a great item to invest your money in.
  • The risk in investing it in gold is about neutral to high. The return rate is exceptionally high. A downside though is the liquidity, just like investing in property, the accessibility to your money is very low.

In conclusion

Investing your money is a important because it works in your favor, it make take your money and multiply it over a period f time. Unlike when you keep it in a savings account, there is a low interest rate. Investing your money can get your money to work for you in your advantage.

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