Leisure & Entertainment

in Medieval Europe by Trinity Ma

What was entertainment like back then?

Quite surprisingly, the entertainment they enjoyed are really similar to nowadays. Kids played with toys, dolls, and played games like badminton. Also, the adults made bets, rolled dice, played card games, and chess. People enjoyed plays and leisure from minstrels, but churches doesn't really like them.

Were plays popular?

Even though churches disagree with plays, they really welcome religious celebrations. Sadly, some include animal baiting, like bears or bulls by chaining the animal, and them releasing trained dogs that torture the animal in captivity.

Some popular entertainment were:

What kinds of entertainment were performed in religious cremonies and celebrations?

Entertainment on special events

There's a lot of entertainments occurring in a ceremonial celebration. Especially on Fair day, where everywhere seems to be colorful. Jugglers and dancers fill the street, and guild members parade through the streets carrying banners and wearing special costumes.

Instruments that existed back in Medieval Europe

Amazingly, back then, they had instruments like: violins, drums, flutes, horns, and harps, similar to the ones that are in existence today. But they also used organs to make an instrument. And minstrels and jugglers often form bands and travel around. It's hard to imagine how similar it's like with modern days.
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