Miss Macias's Minions

Week of November 4, 2013

What are we learning in Ms. Macias's class?

In Math class we are continuing our multipication unit. So far we have covered multiplication models, strategies for mastering basic facts, fact families, and multiplying by 10's and 100's. This past week we focused on finding relationships between two sets of data (reading tables and finding the patterns). Next week, we will be focusing on multiplying two digit by one digit numbers. If your child has mastered his/her multiplication facts, this will be a pretty easy task. If your child is still struggling with his/her facts, please encourage him/her to continue practicing! (Each child has a zip lock bag with flashcards with the facts he/she has not yet learned) Ask them to show you!

In Science we are wrapping up our energy unit. We have learned the different forms of energy, forces, and how electricity flows. Your children created simple circuits, tested conductors and insulators, and even created an electromagnetic field! We will continue electricity next week and will also be discussing Science Fair and reviewing the scientific method. Keep an eye out for the science fair consent form, timeline, and handbook! They will be coming home on Wednesday!

In Social Studies, we will continue working on our Texas Native American unit. Your child has been spending long hours researching his/her tribe! Our social studies journals are just about done, and we are getting ready to move onto our Power Point presentations!

In SEL (Social Emotional Learning) we will be discussing how to respect similarities and differences.

Classroom Reminders

* Practice Multiplication Facts!

*Start thinking about possible science fair topics (Remember it must be an experiment!)

* Continue to check homework and sign planners daily!

* Return Scholastic Book Forms if you are interested in purchasing books for your child!

Meet our Class Pet!

Lil' John

Our class is set up with the AISD Science Resource Department to receive a live organism each month to care for and observe. The class pet teaches life science and also creates a positive learning environment. So far we have had a hedgehog named Snowflake and a guinea pig named Lil' John. The students are really enjoying the class pets.