The Real Singles of Richmond

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7 Singles displaying transparency and realness by showcasing a slice of their life at work, at play and at leisure while making a positive difference in the lives of their friends, family, church, workplace and community.

They are stepping outside their comfort zone, getting outside their box and doing something new and different to enhance or change their life.

See their pictorial journey here!

Real Singles of Richmond August
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Nominate a Single Man or Woman for the December Series by November 1st (Debut December 2nd)

Pictorial Nomination Process

  • Complete the form below and submit
  • The nominee must be open to a candid and real interview and flexible schedule for the shoot session. It should not be just to get some photos done and exposure because this series is about highlighting real people displaying action and involvement to make a difference in a positive way by paying it forward through the use of your God given talents, time, and even treasure! We do have the right to decline nominations if we feel your intentions are not in line with the mission of this project.
  • 7 featured nominees will be chosen per pictorial with the exception of the Real Singles which features 7 men and women collectively. Featured nominees are chosen based on order of nomination. This is an ongoing project so if you aren't chosen for the next pictorial it does not mean that you won’t be featured in the future.
  • The Real Richmond Pictorial Documentary Series consist of: Real Men, Real Women, Real Couples, and Real Singles alternating months in 2013. We will have a special shoot debut in September for Real Kids/Teens for our Back to School Group shoot. In 2014, we will be adding Real Friends to our series. Children are featured with their parent during May and June for our 2 part Real Women and Real Men documentaries. You must be a Mother or Father to be featured during our May and June pictorials. You can only be featured once unless you are in a group documentary such as Real Friends. We also feature Businesses (Real Biz) and promote your events (Real Buzz). Submit details about your business to us via: by completing the form below and/or submitting your jpeg format flier about your event.
  • Once chosen for a pictorial documentary, an email will be sent to the nominee(s) in the form of an acceptance letter usually a week after the debut of the previous pictorial. A deadline will be set for the response and acceptance of the nomination.
  • Once accepted by the deadline, a 45 min to 1 hour phone interview will be scheduled to get to know the nominee(s), ask key questions for the documentary, and discuss the shoot concept, location, date and time. Questions are not given in advance and they change from pictorial to pictorial. This is to eliminate any pre-planned answers because we want "real" answers because this is a "real" pictorial about “real” people.
  • After the date, time and shoot location is scheduled, a Google calendar appointment will be sent to you via email to confirm your scheduled shoot time and details about your session. Please accept the calendar appointment and update your personal calendar as well. A 1-2 hour calendar alert is set to alarm prior to your shoot.
  • We will meet at the site of the shoot location and the photography session will begin. The session will take 45 min to 1 hour. A photography assistant will assist with the session.
  • A teaser photo will debut within 24 hours of your shoot. You will not see any other pictures until they appear on Facebook and You Tube.
  • The photos will be post processed and published on Facebook on the date of the debut. You will have a magazine cover photo and 7 other featured photos from your session.
  • The documentaries from the interview will post the day of the debut or within that week. The documentaries may or may not include your initial nomination letter as written by you or the person remitting the nomination.
  • A link to all the pictures from your shoot will also post under your documentary. All features may have up to 20-60 final photos uploaded. Varies from feature to feature. These pictures can be purchased and printed only through the website: unless you opt for a photo disc purchase with limited copyright release. If you would like a CD, DVD or Photo Book please contact us to purchase those directly from Precise Events & Photography. (Prices vary based on number and quality of photos to be loaded).
  • A happy hour is scheduled a month or two after the debut and everyone from the pictorial shoots and previous features are invited along with friends, family and fans for networking and socializing. Visit our Facebook Page for the next scheduled Happy Hour which is usually scheduled the 3rd Friday on select months (7 Happy Hours per year). Feel free to join us!
  • Please like and share the pictorial fan page and videos on your Facebook page to help us spread the word! The more we share the more we bring awareness to this project and the positively fabulous and beautiful people featured!

Connie McGowan, Photographer/Visionary


The Ebony 7 Team

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