Busy Bee Leader Board

See the Good. See the Need. See the Whole. See the Possible.

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Spread the word!

Please help me spread the word about our Summer Reading Challenge! Let parents know about this challenge via your newsletters as well as any other communication you may have with them. I look forward to seeing pictures of our students reading all summer long! :) If you are on Twitter, invite your parents to tag you as well so that you can reply to your students during the summer.


We would like to celebrate our April and May Leaders of the Month:

April: Clint Rogers

May: Anna Quick

Texas Roadhouse is providing you with dinner for two! Please come see me for your certificates. :)

Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

I would like to nominate the Instructional Assistants for selecting books for the Get 5, Read 5 Project. They looked through box after box to find good fits for their students. Thank you so much!

I would like to nominate the custodial staff for transporting the books for Get 5, Read 5.

I would really like to nominate Mrs. Crowl and Mrs. Hammill for leaders of the week for the weekly Busy Bee Leader Board. I would like to say thank you to them for taking the lead in the classroom lately when I have had to be out for so many end of the year meetings.

I would like to nominate Errie Andrews for ALWAYS going above & beyond for the teachers & students at SPP.

I would like to nominate Jennifer Beck for giving her all and then some to make SPP a great place to learn.

I would like to nominate Taniya Smith for the enthusiasm, excitement and confidence that she puts into her job. Her energy and passion are as infectious and appreciated as the flowers that she puts in my office each morning.

Thank you Taniya Smith for taking and sharing beautiful photographs of the Poem in your Pocket Day event.

Thank you Juanita Ammons for sharing resources on Cinco de Mayo and for cheerful encouragement always.

I'd like to nominate Samantha Myatt for the LeaderBoard for all of her hard work and leadership on our Relay for Life Team.

I would like to nominate the following:

Vaetta Cameron for always being there to run the class when I am unable to be there for one reason or another :)

Shelli Boes for helping out during Relay for Life.

Kay Davis for always being there for my kids.

Mrs. Scales, Mrs Bauer, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Stivland, Mrs. Houseman, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Coffey, who have sat through kindergarten transition meetings.

Jennifer Beadell, Donna Taylor and Anna Quick: Mrs. Leck and I appreciate their thoughtfulness in providing lunch for us after their graduation.

Errie Andrews & Tamika Hobbs-Sansbury: Mrs. Leck and I appreciate you all running a delivery service today. You all are caring and terrific!

I would like to nominate Marcia Spencer for her help with a preschooler during the 2nd grade program.

Thomas Tidbits

Please do not leave doors propped open in the 2nd Grade or Main Bldg. There have been snakes spotted and they are searching for the sun to bathe in it. If the doors are left open, they may decide to slither inside when they have all the heat they need, and none of us would be thrilled. Also, with the continuous issues with the air conditioning, it puts a strain on the units when they are trying to cool the outside as well as the inside. So, take a few seconds to make sure all doors are shut when traveling through those buildings.

Thank you to the best staff around!!!! Have a fantastic week-end!

Remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making our Hive Thrive

K- A teacher was engaged in math talk with a group of students and she was asking questions and providing immediate feedback. A teacher is using Imagine Learning to provide engaging literacy work for students. This data is being used to design small group instruction.

1st – Teachers are exploring Imagine Learning and the students are really enjoying it! They are also providing math fluency stations for students to master addition and subtraction facts.

2nd – Teachers assigned work to students that allowed students to have eyes on text while looking for spelling patterns and answering comprehension questions. Teachers are moving students from graphic organizers to transferring the information to paragraph form.

Counselor's Corner

I would love some feedback on the School Counseling program from everyone.
Please fill out this survey to help me out. Thank you!!!


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T is for Tapir

The lions, tigers, bears, and monkeys draw most of the buzz at the zoo. Away from the crowds, dwelling in relative anonymity, reside equally significant and truly fascinating animals. They're the underdogs, the square pegs trying to fit into round holes, and those marching to the beat of a different drummer.

Here's to the tapirs of our schools--both students and adults. We are richer because of them.

--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate

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Walkthrough Focus

During May and June, we will focus on the fifth and sixth characteristics of great classrooms: "Rigorous learning that is differentiated to meet the academic needs of all students" and "Performance feedback is abundant, immediate, and specific".

Upcoming Dates

June 1: Retention Meetings

June 2: Kindergarten Registration Round 2--8:00-12:00

June 2: 2nd grade End of Year celebration--10:00-1:00

June 4: RIF and Read-a-thon

June 5: Kindergarten Team Awards Assemby--8:00-9:00

June 5: TR 2nd grade Awards Assembly--9:30-10:15

June 5: YR 2nd grade Awards Assembly--10:15-11:00

June 5: 1st grade to Marbles museum with Meadows and Myatt

June 8: TR 1st grade Awards Assembly--8:30-9:15

June 8: YR 1st grade/Meadows Awards Assembly--9:15-10:00

June 8: YR Kindergarten end of year celebration--12:00-1:30

June 9: Storyteller @ 9:45 followed by Field Day/Fun Day with Playmobile

June 11: Last day of school--dismissal at 11:30 followed by Staff Luncheon--more info to come

June 12: Required workday

June 16: SIT Retreat

June 17: Marci at Principals Meeting