Dacha Lapina


At the beginning of the summer, my family and I have visited Turkey, Marmaris. We lived on the mountain near the forest. It was very nice and easy to breathe .The only problem was the beach which was far away from us.

Marmaris town is very small, it is impossible to get lost there. I liked a rest and an excursions, I hope we will come back soon.

The camp

My next trip was the camp .There I went with my friend Artem. The days passed very quickly. It was very exiting. The best moments were discos, competitions and the Royal night.

I hope to return back to the camp soon.

Summer house

The the end of the summer I spent in my summer house. The house is situated near the forest. There are a lot of grass and trees and a long beautiful river. There were my friends. But time there was rather boring because lots of my friends returned back home to prepare for school.