"Evo Devo as I like to call it"

Evolution Development

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What is an Evolution Development scientist?

What is an Evo Devo scientist? Well I'm glad you asked an evolution development scientist is a person who studies the embryonic development of living organisms. To put it simply this is a person who studies how life begins and how it ends it's the study of the DNA and RNA that makes up everything and how it is used to create other living organisms.

Where do I get started?

Well if you believe that u would enjoy doing this line of work then the best thing to do is work very hard in school the best of the best major in environmental development and later receive an associates degree then bachelor and of course the master degree. One will have to be very dedicated with all your study's.

Is it worth the time and focus?

Well of course it is you are choosing this job because you enjoy it don't you. Well that's not the best part you can make up to $101,000-$207,000 annually. Just take a moment to soak that in. Think about it having a job that you enjoy and getting a whole lot of money.

Fun fact

Did you know that the human make up is similar to that of a fly. Imagine bringing up that in small talk.
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