Susan B. Anthony

Influence on women's sufferage

Susan B. Anthony was a historical figure who had a big influence on women's sufferage and a lot of other opportunities for women

Susan B. Anthony helped get the 16th Amendment passed. Susan helped get the 16th amendment passed in many ways. Susan voted illegally at one presidential election to show other people women should vote and while this action shocked many, it opened a lot of people's eyes. To help get the amendment passed, Susan started protests and groups for example, the first group Susan started was called The Daughters Of Temperance. She started this group because she was denied a chance to speak at the temperance movement because she was a woman so she decided to start a group just for woman who were against alcohol. Susan was inspired to fight for the 16th amendment when she was working as a teacher and she found out that she was being paid a monthly salary of $2.50 while men teachers were being paid a monthly salary of $10.00. Susan also tried to get the 16th amendment passed by going over to the White House and having a meeting whit president Roosevelt to convince him to pass an amendment for equal rights. Susan also helped women to go to school with men. Susan helped this cause by raising money for the University Of Rochester to admit women to their campus. This action in raising money resulting in people wanting to fight for change and when people fought, schools started listening and schools started to open their campuses up for women. For this cause Susan started protests and she talked to different school boards to try and convince them to admit women. Susan B. Anthony also made a speech that talked about how the minds of women were no different than the minds of men. Susan was inspired to fight for these rights for women because of a lot of people and events that influenced her. Susan was inspired to fight for women's rights because her dad had meetings with Fredrick Douglass and she overheard his views on slavery and women's rights and once she heard these views, she adopted them as her own. Susan was also inspired to fight when she was denied to speak at the temperance movement because she was a woman. Susan was working as a teacher when she found out that men teachers were getting a greater monthly salary of $10 while women teachers were getting a monthly salary of $2.50. Susan was also raised in a family that believed in equality between women and men which also influenced her views. Also, Susan noticed that women weren't getting educated as much as men which inspired her to fight. Susan started a group called the American Equal Rights Association. This association was to help the protest for Women's suffrage and to convince the people and congress to support women's rights. This association was trying to send out the message that not only women are equal but that ALL people were equal including African Americans. This association opened a lot of people's eyes and it convinced them to fight for equality for all. This association helped grant equality for not only women, but also African Americans. This group also helped schools admit different people from different ethnic backgrounds including women. Susan also helped get the 1860 Married Women's Property Act. This Susan noticed that women couldn't own property so she decided to change that and fight. Susan's activity in a group called the Women's State Temperence Society helped this act passed. Susan ran the campaign for this act and her strong nature and will helped get this act passed. Elizabeth Cady Stanton also joined Susan to fight and Elizabeth and Susan wrote speeches and books together that convinced people to fight for women's rights. This act passed and it said that married women had the right to own land. Susan was there at the convention when that was passed she was thrilled. Susan traveled all around the world to Europe and other foreign countries to fight for women's rights.This action convinced foreign countries to join in the fight for women's rights. This action also lead to more countries being more accepting of women and making laws for them. This opened the eyes of many people and more people started to fight. Foreign countries fought and tried to convince America for years to support women's rights. America was finally persuaded and more acts and laws were passed for women including the law to vote.